Ding Dong, spring is here
starting Friday, it is here
Ding Dong, lovely spring is here!!

Even though weather.com says it may snow tomorrow (hissssss), it was over 60 stinkin' degrees yesterday and that made me happy as we walked little Powers along the street in the afternoon sunshine.  


lesli said...

oh i know it girl! i ran outside this afternoon and we played with our turd-bird, Lola, for a while! spring is SO in the air=) yay!

Ann Miller said...

how convenient that the arrival of spring coincides w/the birth of little henry...new beginnings...and beautiful flowers...to fill your hospital room!!!

Lora said...

I KNOW that picture was from last year! You should not fool everyone into thinking it looks like Spring in Erie. NOW in LA-the azaleas and dogwoods are blooming!

Anonymous said...

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