Adam and I after our first triathlon- Please excuse the sick picture

My bloggy friend was posting about a trip that she and her husband had taken and all the memories (good & bad) that they'd created.  I commented that traveling with your spouse, I believe, is one of the best forms of relationship therapy.  Especially bad traveling with annoyances and discomfort!  Get all them frustrations out, girl!  You definitely learn a lot about yourself and each other. 

The best relationship therapy that Adam and I have had, though, was training for triathlons together.  Oh my stars.  For some reason, intense physical exertion is directly linked to floodgates of emotions and feelings and issues for me.  Poor Husband.  Adam and I did a triathlon together when we were dating (2005)  and one when we were first married (2006).  Adam could tell you some stories about my running melt-downs (running and weeping at the same time...not so easy!) including a small breakdown during the running segment of our first triathlon where I should've won an Oscar for my dramatic hyperventilating breathing and then accusing Adam of not even caring

I have such a patient husband.

Besides the fact that physical exertion appears to be the gateway to my deep-hidden emotion, issues, and insecurities, I think that these hours of training provided us with lots of time for talking...getting to know each other on more intimate levels.  Even now that I'm 35 weeks pregnant and not exactly a hard-core workout machine, one of my favorite things is still to go on walks with Adam & Powers.  It's incredible all of the things that we discuss when we're not distracted at the house and, instead, just focused on walking and talking and each other.  It's the best connect time. 

In your experience, what do you think is the best relationship therapy?  


Hannah Lee said...

That is so incredible that you guys got to share that experience together. I guess our "therapy" is having Sunday nights to ourselves watching Cold Case and The Unit while eating popcorn. As cheesy as that sounds, it allows us to reconnect from the crazy week and weekend of chasing Jackson around everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

freakface said...

Uh-oh, somebody's nesting...and becoming preoccupied with overwhelming physical exertion...tick tock!

kristin said...

I totally agree! Smith and I always say training for our half was the best thing for us. I love seeing your view!

Lindsay said...

I agree...travel is definitely good relationship therapy!! Some of our best memories are traveling.

Lora said...

LONG road trips-that seems to be the ONLY time that we have long extended periods of talking-except the occasional vacation with just the two of us. CAN you even begin to imagine your Dad training with me for ANYTHING????

The Tylers said...

You are so precious and absolutely crack me up! Before Matt and I were married we took some graduate courses together. It about killed our relationship because I would study for the tests and he would not...and he came out with the higher test score everytime. As a competitor, I just couldn't win in that case:). As for things we like to do together(!!!), it would have to be looking at houses. We love love love it. That is one area we really connect in. Hope you are feeling OK. Have a great week!

lesli said...

isn't patience one of the best qualities about our husbands? how else would they deal with our crazy if they weren't?

justin and i have completely different tastes in music, so much of our visit time is in our silent car. this is not meant to be sexy or x rated, but lately we've been soaking in the bath together. it's been a good way for us to unwind after a stressful day at the restaurant and just really relax and reconnect.

great post!

Elisha Leigh said...

John has always wanted to run with me, but I thought it best we run seperately. SOO, we made compromise and we walk together nearly every week day- so that's my vote for best therapy!