Packin' It Up!

Now that I'm in week 34, I'm starting to think more about the day. One of my baby emails told me that I should have my suitcase ready in case Henry comes- because it could be at any time! So, I've started thinking about what to pack and I'd love any suggestions from the peanut gallery-

1. Snacks for Adam. I don't think that I can eat anything but ice chips but Adam may get hungry and I'll be darned if he's leaving me to go pick up something to eat! I was thinking oranges, trail mix, protein bar, anything that'd be good fuel in case labor lasts longer than the two hours I anticipate!  Ha!

2. Socks. I've heard that you should bring multiple pairs of socks because, let's face it, the first ones are going to look like someone was murdered while wearing them.

3. Pajamas. Not for delivery since they'd probably look like part of a violent crime scene but for lounging around the hospital after the baby is here. I was thinking of a pajama pants set with a button up top for easy nursing. Thoughts?  Also, nursing bras, underwear, and something to wear home (but what?  Maternity clothes?  Don't you still look like 6 months pregnant after you deliver?)

4. Depends. Yep, I've heard you might wanna bring a pair of Depends or two. 'Nuff said.

5. Camera/Laptop/Charger.   These are Adam's responsibility. We definitely need pictures of Henry and some family pictures especially once I am able to reapply mascara and lip gloss! (No delivery pictures...I'm not that kinda gal. I don't even want to see that!)

6. Aforementioned mascara, lip gloss, brush, ponytail holders, toothbrush, deodorant, and other personal hygiene and beauty essentials.

7. Henry items- specifically a couple of swaddling blankets that I've already washed and some easy diaper-change newborn clothes and socks. Most other stuff they have in the hospital, right? (diapers, aspirator)

8. carrier/car seat

Okay, so what else?


Anonymous said...

A few quarters for the coffee or drink machine b/c the cafeteria isn't open if its the middle of the night!

Bethany said...

I can't believe you're already at the stage of having a bag prepared when Henry decides he's ready to grace the world with his presence.

I've heard of people bringing soothing music or maybe a worship CD. And don't forget chargers for all electronics.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been "stalking" your blog for a while now and congratulations on little Henry on the way! One of my friends here in Houston just had a little girl in December, she had a gown from B.Y.O.G. (http://www.shopbyog.com/) and she loved it while she was in the hospital, just an idea... Pray all continues to be well! ~Kaki

Lora said...

Definitely a gown, slippers, a robe. Henry will wear hospital clothes until he goes home, if it is like the old days. I will keep trying to remember the old days.

adrian seney said...

Yes, you will need everything you mentioned. You are very thoughtful to think of Adam, I did not pack anything for Caleb (you are so sweet)! You can bring Henry clothes from home..you know like "sacks" as Caleb called them, gowns that have a drawstring. Yes, boys wear them and I would advise this so he does not have his picture taken in hospital-issued baby shirts (just my opinion). You will need pj's (I did pants, I do not like gowns for myself). Lots of socks and slippers. If I think of anyhitng else, I will email you! This is very exciting!!!

Ann Miller said...

yes...they may not admit it, but the nurses judge you on the cuteness of your poojams. go ahead and splurge (or get your sweet parents to) on some cute ones; robe to match and slippers. make sure and get a pedi, too. you may have "hot-attacks" and not be able to wear socks, and you need to be able to take them off w/o fear of your toenails. i agree w/sister on the baby cloths. they will bathe little precious after his arrival and dress him in whatever you give them. and, he will need a going home outfit. you might want to bring what we call a jumper suit to wear home. you know, pants and zip up jacket that match. i have not ever heard of the depends, but definitely some "padding".
just my thoughts...

Jeff and Lauren said...

Definitely baby gowns! Will was sensitive to the hospital linens too so we had to go back home for more receiving blankets and clothes.

Also, baby nail files are good! We used them right away after Will attacked his own face in the first hours.

And for you, a water bottle! Also regular sized pads in addition to the depends. :)

Ron said...

Bring a nice pillow for Adam - those chairs aren't very comfortable! I wish I would had one when our little one was born.

Anonymous said...

Your ideas for snacks are great---we went to the hospital straight from work (how many people go into work in labor and then say around lunch time....well, I guess this may be it; I don't think I'll be back after lunch. I was NUTS!). Anyhoos, DH went down to the cafeteria for snacks and came back with York peppermint patties; the smell of his breath made me gag in between contractions and I accidently(?) bit him. Later I told him, for the next baby bring ONLY non-smelly food. But, alas, we were only blessed with one child so DH didn't have to worry about that again. But after 23 years he still brings up that "bite". Gosh, I didn't even draw blood. Haha. Good luck and love following your blog!

brown eyed blogg said...

cuuuuuuute nursery!!! lets see more pics of the nursery!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Adrian and recommend the pants (for reasons I will not reveal to the public on your blog comments)

also, while it is rough...my socks were not comprimised like the books said they would be and I wore them (ironically enough) all through delivery (my room was FREEZING!!)

I agree w/Ron too...bring your own pillows (for both you and Adam) and a blanket (even though the hospital provides them it's more comfy.

My only other suggestion- A PACI for Henry. Tristyn (who is an admitted "sucker") took hers the second day of life. whoops.

Brooke & Freeland said...

That is crazy that you are already at this stage! How fun. I love all the advice.. and I will say this: whatever you forget - Freeland & I will be there to run home & get so adam and the parentals dont have to leave. :)

freakface said...

1) Keep the bag with you ALWAYS. We went to the Doctor's office, and were rushed to the hospital...just a few weeks early...meaning that I had to rush home to get the bag.
2) Have the Powers-sitter lined up, and on call 24/7. You never know.
3) Depends - eh, maybe. The hospital provides them.
4) Assume you're going to be freezing. Maternity wards are not kept warm, summer or winter.
5) You aren't going home the day he is born, so the car seat can sit by the back door.
6) ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, BUY A MIGHTY TITE (sold everywhere online, just google it). Snugging your seat belt onto the car seat, regardless of whether your vehicle has hands restraints or not, is a pain, and you still can't get it super-duper tight. The Mighty Tite makes it idiot proof. It makes it fast, and ANYBODY, including Gramma can use it to get that car seat so tight that you can't budge it no matter what.

On the matter of the comfort of the chairs, you would be surprised. They are made for Dad to spend 3-4 days in. They also recline. They are quite comfey.

Take a book, too. You WILL get bored.

becky s said...

Is this your first child? Sorry, but don't expect labor to be two hours. It could be more, and probably will be. Not wanting to scare you, but wanting you to be a bit more realistic.

And while they had chairs at our hospital, they were NOT comfy for hubby at all. Not for several days, anyway. We would have been better off with a sleeping bag. But that's just our hospital. Did you go on an L&D tour at yours?

becky s said...

I went back and reread. You were probably joking. *sigh* Nevermind, then. I'm a dork. :D

Anonymous said...

For my 1st baby it was about 2 hrs, so there IS real hope. I only pushed 3 times! I also have friends who pushed for 2 hrs...so it's the luck of the draw really...

pentamom said...

An extra pair of socks won't hurt, but a normal delivery is not usually so, um, dramatic that your feet can't be kept out of the way without discomfort (in fact they belong out of the way.) ;-)

Take a couple of diapers for going home -- it's been several years now but I think I remember that some hospitals want you to change the baby yourself before going home, and newborns have been known to soil a fresh diaper before being completely redressed!

If you have room in your car, strap the carseat in and leave it there soon -- it's true you have a day to do it afterward, but it's one less thing for you and Adam to think about.

Nobody ever suggested Depends to me -- I wish they had. Don't know how they do it now, but it wasn't that long ago that they gave you a belt with the necessaries. Yay.

Take a good but not challenging book -- the adrenaline of delivery can keep you awake the first night no matter how tired you are. The nights can get long.

Don't forget a snowsuit, but also take a warm blanket in case he's too small for the snowsuit to fit comfortably, or in case the snowsuit is too much for the weather. My tiny babies tended to "swim" in theirs. Six weeks from now can still get cold enough weather for a newborn to need a suit, though. They aren't fully regulating their body temp yet when they're ready to go home.

They will have lots of stuff in the hospital, and they will give you lots of stuff to take home, too. You don't need any "supplies" for him other than clothes and a couple diapers (just in case.)

If you're planning to nurse, GET LANSINOH CREAM (available at drugstores, and I believe Walmart, where the baby wipes and such are found.) Without going into too much detail, the early days of nursing are hard on the skin that makes direct contact, especially for us fair-skinned types, and applying this lanolin-based salve regularly really helps. Start using it occasionally now for conditioning, and take it with you to the hospital to use after birth.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I never had ANY of that stuff. Showed up with the clothes on my back, wore the hospital gown that evening....had my husband bring baby an outfit for the next day and was out of there in less than 24 hours. The goal is to get in and out the quickest way possible...no cd's, no chargers, no clothes, don't even bring a toothbrush. In and out...quickly...less than 24 hours. Get in , give birth, get out. Chant this several times. I got to the hospital with Maxwell at like 3:00 and gave birth at 3:40 and was gone by 11:00 am the next morning. Don't dilly dally.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Griffin was the same...got to the hospital around 2:00 pm...gave birth by 4:30 pm and was gone the next morning. I even had time for the treadmill before I left the house....I am a sicko, I know. That is another post.

lindsey said...

This has been very helpful for me! Depends?!! Hadn't heard that one, and to be honest, it kind of frightened me! I was reading where someone mentioned something about getting a cute hospital gown, and I know it's definitely unnecessary, but I kind of like the idea. I wanted to give you the link to the website where I got mine...it was on clearance for 29.95! http://expectingcomfort.com/delivery-gown.html

Happy packing!

freakface said...

The Wife's first was 8-1/2 hours EVEN AFTER SHE WAS INDUCED. Also, if Jr. has a big head (or if for some other reason they can't get him out and go to the Plan B C-section (which we narrowly avoided), you won't be going anywhere the next day, or probably the day after, as we discovered. Also, if they give you a spinal, you're going to be bedridden.

I like the idea of getting the car seat in now (but order the Mighty Tite! Why haven't you ordered it already?).

Since the clock is starting to tick, good luck in case you go early!

Deb said...

We didn't take anything much...Jim had change for the coffee machine. I didn't wear socks at all...had been working on my feet with "Pretty Feet" for the delivery. hahaha...at that point I couldn't have cared less so I laugh about this a lot..even now. I will tell you about my labor later...after little Henry is here. Jim's daughter had all three of her kids in a kiddie pool in her livingroom with a mid wife and no drugs...water at 98.6 degrees. Now that is planning!! Tell Adam he ought to be able to pull that off being an almost doc!