All the Single Mamas...All the Single Mamas...

Respect to you, sister-friends. In the midst of a wonderful but wild weekend with two under two, I realized how blessed I am to have a partner to walk with through this season. Henry was having an especially toddler-y day and in the midst of an inexplicable melt-down, Adam and I just looked at each other and burst into laughter...uncontrollable giggling- the kind that hurts your stomach and you have to gasp for breath. I was and am so thankful for my husband who helps me to laugh when I could just cry and have an undeserved pity party.

That night, nursing Elliot at some dark hour of the early morning, my heart was heavy for single parents- going at it alone with no one with whom to share your crazies. I hope to be a better support system and friend to women in this season of life.


CaseyWiegand said...

so true mama...hey what have yall been doing ab the toddler meltdowns? ignore? timeout? loved to know!!! love love!!! xoxo

C and G said...

I have had that exact same thought! Going at it alone is tough business. As are toddler melt-downs. I'd love to know any tips that work as well!

Ann Miller said...

i used to think the same thing around bath time...i cannot imagine doing it alone!!

Anonymous said...

Try being a single dad instead.

Two daughters; one a baby.
You are in public and they need to go to the bathroom.
Do you trust a strange woman to escort them in a place you can not enter to see what is going on with your children?

Or take them to the men's room, knowing the odds of more guys coming in is high?

Do you leave them alone while you go inside the men's room to see if it is free? Or take them and barge in on men in action inside?

Support groups for single dads?
Not even the church does that!
But the need is there more than you know.

Oh, the stories I could tell on that topic.

Help any single parent out in any way you can...even a simple smile and a few words like:
"You're doing a good job".

The Tylers said...

Very true! Truly they are heroes.
So many moments where you can laugh or cry. Kuddos, Camille!!!

Our Family said...

That is so true!!! Sometimes when Josh is working alot I think I am about to go crazy and then I remember there are some people who do this everyday all the time!! My friend's husband has been shipped out for the year and I truly don't know how she does it!! Lots of prayer and patience!!