How to Save a Phone

Yesterday I dropped my phone into the snow while I was shoveling. I did not realize that this had transpired until, hours later, I was searching for my phone and happened upon a square hole in the piled-up snow.


Luckily, girls' group was ending and my friend, Aubrey, had the perfect solution.

Step 1. Fill up a cup with rice.
Step 2. Put your phone in the cup, submerged in rice.
Step 3. Place the cup in a refrigerator.

Do not turn your phone on, just let it sit overnight in this rice-bath of sorts (like a spa for your phone!) and then retrieve in the morning.

I had doubts, my friends. They were ugly. I mean, this phone had been in deep snow for around 6 hours. Yet, I awoke this morning to...ta-da!!! A fully functioning phone!



Sarah Lynne said...

It worked! Yahoooooo!

lindsey said...

That's amazing! Making mental note!

The Tylers said...

I've never heard if that! Thanks for sharing.

lauren said...

Camille! I dropped my phone in french onion soup at panera bread and the rice spa worked for me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i took the battery out and put it in a separate ziploc bag with rice...i didn't put them in the fridge though and it still worked...so thankful!