How to Save a Phone

Yesterday I dropped my phone into the snow while I was shoveling. I did not realize that this had transpired until, hours later, I was searching for my phone and happened upon a square hole in the piled-up snow.


Luckily, girls' group was ending and my friend, Aubrey, had the perfect solution.

Step 1. Fill up a cup with rice.
Step 2. Put your phone in the cup, submerged in rice.
Step 3. Place the cup in a refrigerator.

Do not turn your phone on, just let it sit overnight in this rice-bath of sorts (like a spa for your phone!) and then retrieve in the morning.

I had doubts, my friends. They were ugly. I mean, this phone had been in deep snow for around 6 hours. Yet, I awoke this morning to...ta-da!!! A fully functioning phone!



Sarah Lynne said...

It worked! Yahoooooo!

lindsey said...

That's amazing! Making mental note!

The Tylers said...

I've never heard if that! Thanks for sharing.

lauren and nelson said...

Camille! I dropped my phone in french onion soup at panera bread and the rice spa worked for me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i took the battery out and put it in a separate ziploc bag with rice...i didn't put them in the fridge though and it still worked...so thankful!