Man Vs. Wild Vs. Patagonia

Upon our return to Erie, the mailman dropped off a huge box of our held mail. Amongst the treasures inside was a catalogue simply entitled, Bear Grylls.

That's right: Bear, of Man Vs. Wild fame, has a clothing empire now. And, the model of the clothing on the first half of the book was Bear himself! Now, I know Bear is pretty wilderness-y- showing us how to survive the Sahara desert by drinking his urine and eating slugs and fashioning a shelter out of a zebra carcass...so who would've guessed that he would take on the business world. I guess he would be kind of an expert on durable clothing.

Way to go, Bear.


Sarah Lynne said...

Muy interesante!

Gabe said...

Don't forget that unnecessary enema at sea.
'Cause the more you know...