Cuddin Recap.

Adam is an only child and I have two brothers. Only my eldest brother is married and he has two boys...Henry & Elliot's only first cousins. Caleb (11) and Cade (8).

They came to visit us on Saturday and stayed until Tuesday morning, along with my Mom (Lulu)! We had a blast. Henry was highly entertained by his big cousins and we went to the science museum, swimming at my wonderful in-laws, and fro-yoed along with much more.

The big hit, though, was the air mattresses in our living room. THAT was a blast and a half.

Caleb, Cade, Henry & My Mom (Lulu)

Caleb & Henry

the nephews watching the 4-d movie at the science museum

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The Tylers said...

Oh I love the pic with your mom, Henry, and Elliot. Precious!!!!!! So glad y'all had a great visit.