This is Henry before church this morning. He did not want to go. He said, "No Jesus. No church!"
But when we left church, he said "Jesus! Loves! Hee-Hee (Henry)!"
and when I asked what he did in church, he said, "I pray Jesus!" "I sing Jesus!"
Love it.

This is Elliot. You gots to keep your eye on that boy!

Well, Hidey Ho, good neighbor! We made it through Adam's first full weekend in the ER and I got the boys to church by myself (yay!) I don't know if I mentioned but the second church that we visited has become our church home and I am so happy. It is Christ Fellowship in Fort Worth. God is so good because, honestly, Fort Worth has so many churches that you could visit a different church every Sunday until you died and I did not want to do that. We love it there and I am making friends with some very authentic and welcoming lady-folks.

My friend, Haley, came to visit from Dallas yesterday and my old roommate, Lindsey, was also able to stop by for a bit. This made Adam being at work all weekend much easier. I love old friends and how they really know you and how you used to sleep on top of piles of clothes in your bed during college. Some character development needed to happen, folks...well, still does but I'm not sleeping on my clothes anymore. One day at a time...

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