House Closing & Cheese Face

I forgot to mention that we closed on our house on Wednesday! (the house in Erie, PA that we just sold.)

Happy, happy day & thank you, Lord!
And I love the new, sweet little couple who moved in. It's nice when the people who buy your home are delightful and you are happy handing over the keys. (Although, honestly, I probably would've handed over the keys to a mobster at this point).

I will celebrate by showing you Henry's cheese face he makes in every photo now, accompanied by a loud Cheeeeeeeese!


Lora said...

HUMMMM--might be a little HAM in there!

Gabe said...


Sarah Lynne said...

I love that cheese face!

Chelsey said...

Congrats on your house! I'm sure it feels amazing that its no longer yours :)