Controversial Topic

I know that I was raised in Louisiana by a well-mannered southern woman and what I am about to say is considered blasphemy round them parts but I am just going to say it...

Brace yourself, ghost of Emily Post.

Can we all agree to stop writing thank you notes? I know that it's a lovely gesture of gratitude but, lately, the obligation is just a hot, steamy pile of guilt.

Maybe my question should be, "Could you excuse me from writing thank you notes for these next few years?"

My oldest son, love him dearly, is the most meddlesome child you have ever seen and, in the last 4 months, has hidden my thank you note lists and has taken to delivering my unmailed (and often, unaddressed) thank you notes to places around the house as he pretends to be a mailman.

I can't keep track. Who has received a thank you note? Which ones have I written but Henry had hidden in his various mailbags? And each time that I receive a lovely thank you note in the mail from one of my more thoughtful & organized people, it's like a reminder that I am...not so much.

So, if I owe you a thank you note, forgive me. If you owe me one, please don't sweat it. Incidentally, I could write a thank you note right now except that I'm nursing a baby in the dark.

Sorry, Mama.


CaseyWiegand said...

amen times ten million

carmeliteduncan said...

AMEN! I still have thank you's from high school that never got sent and I STILL feel guilty!