Summer Rhythm

Summer is such a delight. We've had visitors: Adam's best bud from college, my best bud from home & her girls, my dad, now my brother...

Almost every day that Adam has off, we go out to his folks' house and swim it up. They are incredibly hospitable and the boys love it there.  

Henry & Elliot began their swim lessons yesterday. They have private lessons, 30 minutes a day for 8 days.  Parents don't get to stay & watch until the last 5 minutes of class.  At that point, Henry was swimming am awesome freestyle stroke and Elliot was crying & d.o.n.e.

Adam & I have an overnight work thing coming up and so Collin will stay with my mom while the big boys stay with Adam's folks.  So far, I haven't been able to get C to take a bottle and my mom has been "encouraging" me to get on that!  I found this Tommee Teepee cup at target that is supposed to naturally transition from breast to cup-bottle thing.

Elliot hasn't napped in over a week. The kid is tired, I can tell, but you can only lead a horse to water (keep a kid in his bed for an hour), but you can't make him drink (sleep).  Upside: they sleep until 7 now!     

I love summer.  I do miss our regular buds (it's more difficult to get together in the summer and sync schedules/visitors/trips) but I love the family pool times.

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