These Days.

 Life these days (subtitle: showing more of our family pictures)

Adam has less than 13 months of residency left.

My mom moved to town at the end of May and it has been so lovely for me.  I know that starting over is a great challenge but I so value having her near us.  The boys definitely love seeing her often.  The other day, she brought over Dollar General shaving cream and the boys squirted it out and then drove toy cars through it.  Genius.
I go to the YMCA to a class called Body Pump.  Have you heard of it?  It's basically an hour long class of weight training and it is so good.  I would never push myself that hard on my own in the gym.  I try to go twice a week.

We took a week off of paleo for my birthday and now are back at it.  I realized, during my birthday week, that I still have a lot of room to grow in self-control (as I shoved the most delicious sweet rolls down my throat from Chicken Express, of all places).  Now we do give ourselves a cheat day once a week, though.
I've mentioned that Adam's father is retired and Adam's mother is a teacher.  She is off during the summers and they live about 25 minutes away from us and are wonderful.  We visit them tons in the summer and swim in their pool and just enjoy general merriment with them.  Adam and I turn songs from Les Mis into songs about wasps and the rafts in the pool.  (We like to smash wasps with these little mini-rafts).  Powers, our old dog, lives with them now and he seems to like it that way.
Water guns, Pump It Up, birthday parties, Sunday church, riding bikes in the driveway, swimming pools, movie stars.


Brooke & Freeland said...

sweet pictures. sweet sweet family. and thankful for all that the Lord is doing these days in your life.

Bethany said...

I used to do a body pump class in college, I recall loving it...not sure my body would love it now. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family.