Family Pictures Almost Killed Me.

How I feared all of the pictures would turn out 
such a lovely expression on my face 

So, Rachel, a friend from church, is a photographer and makes beautiful photographs.  She was running a mini-sessions special and so we signed up so that we could have some pictures with old #3 (Sweet Collin) in them.

First off, getting out the door.  Our session was at 6:30 p.m. and so we did afternoon baths and prep.  I, of course, was unprepared and the boys ended up in semi-random clothes and Elliot had an ink stain on his pants.  Incidentally, these are pants that Adam bought for Henry when Henry was 3 months old.  They are Patagonia sun-protection pants and I really didn't want Adam to buy the pants because I thought that they were too expensive but Adam did and somehow they were larger than the 6 months size that they were labeled as and, long story short, our boys have worn these pants for 5 summers now.

So, Adam was right.  Good investment.

I couldn't find any eyeliner and so I ended up using Adam's surgical skin marker from the hospital (it was purple...and long-lasting).  I probably should buy some makeup.  At this point, I only own mascara, lipstick, and some concealer from 2008.

Anyways, back to the family pictures.  Rachel is a pro and knows how to work with crazy families but posing for pictures is about the most unnatural thing for little boys to do.  We were constantly threatening and bribing Henry and Elliot (Super parenting strategy!) and they were constantly running off or pretending to be asleep/dead (Henry).

Needless to say, I was totally fried after our 45 minutes session.  We stopped for Sonic ice cream for the boys and Adam and I cracked open a bottle of wine at home.  I did not have high expectations for our family picture turn-out.

But, like I said, Rachel is a pro.  I was so happy with the pictures and couldn't even narrow it down to twenty.

If you are bored, here is the gallery of all of the pictures.


Anonymous said...

So sweet! All of the pics are great!

Corinne said...

The pictures look wonderful! You look great and your family is simply adorable!