Henry James

One of my favey things about blogging is being able to look back and remember. What was Elliot's first word? I don't know. Check the blog. Oh, it was Dada. Cool beans.

I'm not a scrapbooker so blogging works.

So, here's the Henry report, for my records.


4 years old.

Swims like a stinking dolphin.

37 lbs.

Loves baby Collin.

Argues a lot with Elliot. Fights over toys with Elliot. Has the most fun with Elliot. B.F.F. at bed time.

Still really into tractors, toy fire trucks, police cars & ambulances.

Great imagination. Loves pretending to be a sheriff, fire fighter, super hero, and doctor.

Intense. Booooy, howdy. Whether happy, sad, silly, sweet, or mad. Intensity.

Recently into fishing with Daddy.  Anything with Daddy, really.

loves pb&honey sandwiches and TJ's yogurt.

Wonderful, wild Henry.

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Jeff and Lauren said...

Wish we lived closer, Will shares a passion for all things rescue related. They'd be good buddies! Love your pictures!!