Paddle Balloon

I don't have too many brilliant ideas but, every so often, my ingenuity will appear & I'll pass it along.

So Adam has a precious aunt who always sends the boys fun little care packages. And, boy...does she know what kids like. Glo sticks, 3D dinosaur books, light up trucks, stickers, etc. Jackpot.

So, in her most recent care package, she included two sets of foam paddles and a soft ball. Unfortunately, our guys still lack the hand-eye coordination to be very good at this mini tennis game. Fortunately, I had an idea.

See, because I'm not a very good housekeeper, we still have a few resilient balloons sitting around our home from Henry's birthday (April 21st). So we replaced the soft foam balls with balloons and it turns out the boys are great at paddle balloon (patent pending).

Ok, so maybe it wasn't the most genius idea ever but it's entertained us and justified my weird balloon hoarding.

PS I know that popped balloons can be dangerous if inhaled or ingested

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