We got a Patagonia kids catalogue in the mail yesterday and... wow.
Just, wow.

and... totally affordable!!!


p.s. but, seriously, how do you dress babies in wintertime up here?


Anonymous said...

Lands End has a fleece bunting that is totally affordable and is not bulky so the it's perfect for the carseat.

Anonymous said...

I bought my daughter a Patagonia fleece winter jacker (pink) when she was that age and she wore it for 2 yrs! I was warm, soft and washable so I say go for it and get it a little big! They are worth it.

Anonymous said...

I think what you do is look on E-bay for a used Patagonia Baby jacket and buy that one.

Anonymous said...

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Jeff and Lauren said...

I was talking to a friend about dressing babies in cold weather earlier and she mentioned an article she read that said too much padding under car seat straps is not safe. When Will was little I used the cover that went over the top of the car seat and loved it because it was great even in the rain. Now though, I am picturing him pulling it off and I am not sure I want to be carrying that heavy car seat around all the time! Will has a fleece one piece snowsuit (thin) and a real two piece snowsuit (19.99 at TJ Max by the way) so we will see what we end up using most! Good luck!

Mythell said...

Land's End and LL Bean have wonderful snow suits for wee ones. Hats and mittens are a must...look for the little clips to attach the mittens to the snow suits. That way when they pull them off (and somehow they always manage to pull them off) they won't get lost! Also go check out the consignment store Once Upon A Child...upper Peach Street by Sam's Club. You can get some really, really nice name brand stuff there for super cheap. Because there is a good chance that whatever you buy for this winter won't fit next winter.

B said...

I JUST emailed Brooke this link because I thought they were so adorable and I know their love for Patagonia. I may buy a doll just to dress it up. Kidding...that's creepy.

I don't know much about babies, but the ones on the streets here in NYC are so bundled up in the winter you basically just see their eyes and maybe a rosey little nose. It's pretty adorable.

Frazier's Family said...

Aww! Henry will be adorable all bundled up! I wish Frazier could wear a snowsuit! I'm beginning to wonder if it'll ever be cold down here! I'm ready for some fall weather. Oh and I think we may do the sacred marriage devotionals because we need a new couples study (thanks for the suggestion)...but should we read the book first?