Christmas in July

A tour of the Jennings' Christmas Cards of Yore:

Feliz Navidad 2006

Hope Your Christmas Is As Classy As We Are.

Have A Harry Christmas.

Happy Christmas

Tis the Season for Brotherly Love

Time to start thinking about 2011. I always say that...that I'll begin thinking early and then I procrastinate and have to come up with some random picture last minute and I'm sweating at 3 a.m. addressing Christmas cards and looking up addresses on whitepages.com because I never save the addresses from last year.

At least it's good to know that I have a tradition!


Hannah Lee said...

SOO CUTE! I loved all of those cards! I better be on this years address list ;)

Erin Ortuzar said...

These are awesome. Please send me one this year. :)

Chelsey said...

Ahh, Christmas in July!! In Fort Worth 103.7 does Christmas in July, where they play christmas music I think for one week straight... maybe that will inspire you :)

Joanna said...

Love it! I've been dying to do a "Merry Christmas Y'all from Cowtown" since we've been here and go take a fun stockyard photo, but it just hasn't happened yet. Maybe we should have a Stockyard photo shoot! :) Chick Fila one evening next week?

E said...

i obviously thought this was awesome cuz i had a dream that sam and i were posing all these shots!! HAHA YOU R SO COOL!!

Anonymous said...