I Win & Looking Ahead

"I win!" is heard often coming from my eldest son's mouth along with these other charming phrases:

"I'm going to get there first!"
"I am going to beat you there!"
"I did it the fastest!"

Usually these observations and predictions are directed towards Elliot.  Elliot is still young enough that he doesn't really understand that he's being challenged or mocked and his happy-go-lucky personality has served him well with an intense bigger brother like Henry.

It makes me wonder what their dynamics will be like as they get older.  Hopefully we can keep the competition friendly and fun and with minimal tears.

On Saturday, we went swimming at Adam's parents' home and I snapped this picture of the three boys lying on the warm concrete.

In that moment, I imagined them in 10 years, riding their bikes together and camping with Adam.  I imagined them in 20 years with their heads all huddled together, still laughing about something silly like poop and gas. I imagined them in 30 years, maybe at the beach with their young families.  It made my heart glad.  I am so thankful that the Lord gifted my boys with one another.

I pray that the have enduring loyalty and love for one another and that fun and life is always evident in their friendships.

I pray that they encourage one another to persevere in following Jesus and to not grow weary in doing good.

I pray that they can laugh together one day about how weird Adam and I were, can sing our songs and impersonate our mannerisms but that they know, really, how much we loved them.

So much.

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