The Pros Outweigh the Cons.

Collin's infanthood experience is much different than his brothers' experiences.  With Henry, I was able to rock and nurse him in a dark room, singing quietly.  Elliot got the quiet nursing treatment about 50% of the time, since Henry was 18 months old and still napped or Adam could wrangle Henry while I took care of Elliot's sweet moments.

Now, Collin comes around.  Adam is in residency and so it is often just me and my little guys.  So, many days, while I'm trying to get Collin to sleep in his dark room, Henry and Elliot come busting through the door.  Then Henry usually climbs on top of the chest of drawers and jumps off repeatedly.  Elliot likes to open the closet door and pretend it is a elevator and then jump out and say, "SURPRISE!"

Collin has less of the sweet, quiet moments.

But the trade off is this:  two older brothers who adore him and entertain him constantly.  The first time that Collin really laughed was as his two big brothers ran in circles, screaming, with their arms hanging out of their t-shirt neck holes.

I think he'll be okay.

(the two videos are Collin laughing at the big boys in the backyard.)


Sarah Lynne said...

This is freakin' adorable! Ugh, I miss you and your family!

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back and blogging! Hope you, Adam, and the kids are great. Graduation is one month from today, here we go again! Ha! Take care, Jeremy