Top 3 Kid Games for Tired Parents

1. Hide n' Seek. Especially as they get older and their endurance for hiding and seeking grows. Henry insists on being the seeker and so I find a really good hiding spot and have a couple of minutes of calm.

2. Doctor. It's simple: lie on the couch and let your child take care of you. Wonderful for a quick rest. Bonus is seeing your kids' imagination at work. I'm amazed at the everyday items that our boys turn into medical equipment (and vice versa)

i.e. Elliot playing with a chest tube from the hospital. It's a rocket!

3. Jail. Your kid is the policeman. You are the bad guy that they put in jail. Once in jail, you just sit there and don't escape!
the jailhouse

Honorable Mention: any game where you pretend to be asleep.


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Keeping these in mind! Hilarious!

Deg said...

Awesome ideas!

Jeff and Lauren said...

Ha! Love it. We do the first two but jail is a great idea! Trying tomorrow.