Arse Over Elbow

He's arse over elbow in love.
Did you know that's how they say "Head over Heels" in charming ol' England?

Anyways, thought of it because I am currently reading:

Yeppers, my sweet mother-in-law sent it my way and it's a pretty good book. Now, before you go ASSuming what it's about... (hint: It's not a Juno story) I'll fill you in. It's kinda like the storyline from that Kate Hudson movie, "Raising Helen" except with a few plot/character changes. Basically, the main character, Sophie, is very career-ambitious and works for an event-planning agency and is hoping to fill the CEO's shoes when she retires. She doesn't have much of a personal life, doesn't like big risks, is very good at what she does.

THEN, her best friend from high school (wild, artsy, flower-child, free-spirit type) dies and Sophie had previously been named the godmother and guardian for her two children if anything should happen to the best friend (Carrie) and Carrie's husband, who it turns out ran away a couple of years ago but Carrie never told anyone.

SOOOO, Sophie is now temporarily hosting Izzy (3 years old) and Bella (6 years old) and learning how this affects her promotion, her job, her love life, her seeming control on life. It's actually a pretty decent book and takes place in jolly old England and really makes you want to live in a little cottage and have a spot of tea before you take a walk to the Eifel Tower... wait, wrong country. Big Ben? Okay, there we go.

So, point being....it's no Harry Potter (but what is?) but I recommend it. It's a well-written book.

Although, I haven't finished it...so I may change my mind. I'll keep you posted.

Other books that I've read lately:

disturbing... little weird... don't recommend. About 250 pages too long.

She is the a stinking amazing author.  I've read several of her books and they are GOOD but make you think, for sure.  She is good at intertwining all these peoples' lives and perspectives and always has interesting legal text, too.  
This one was crazy and I don't know how I felt in the end... very open-ended.  But she is such a talented writer.  

Good novel.   Not a happy-feel-good.  Some very sad parts.  Suffice it to say that it's a historical fiction set in Canaan, the error of Jacob, when women went into the Red Tent during their visit from...errr...Aunt Flo.  
(Although while they were in the red tent, they just hung out, talked, ate sweet cakes, and drank wine... that sounds like a fun girls' weekend to me.  No?)

So, book reviews.  Good times.  


Hannah Lee said...

Those books sound great especially the Change of Heart. I've been dieing to get into a great book since I have a break from school and some moments of downtime. Thanks for the recommendations!

Molly said...

Hey Cam-Cam...I miss you too! Hows it going!? I am loving this latest blog because I am in the market for a new read. Thanks for the ideas! We need to plan a get together! I'll probably be in to LECOM this week to have lunch with little deb. I'll stop in:)

xoxo, Mo

Lora said...

Boy! You have been reading a lot. I guess you don't spend hours on end staring at the Olympics on TV like your dear old Mom.

Our Family said...

I love your book reviews! I saw Change of Heart and was wondering if it was good or not. You have gotten me into her books. Someone also recommended the Red Tent! I am glad to hear your recommendations! : )

Danielle said...

um. i just finished "accidental mother." i'm not kidding. my sister got it for my birthday...

what the HECK?!

Gorilla Bananas said...

They went into a red tent? Wasn't that advertising it to everyone? The red tampon would have been a better idea.

Bethany said...

I'd like to concur with your review on "Change of Heart". Excellent writing.

Anonymous said...

I will read Accidental Mother. It sounds like a good read. I just finished THE LAST LECTURE, by Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon prof who died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 47 (or maybe 48-----). If you can handle another serious read and not go back to more beach reads for the rest of summer, I highly recommend it. He was a truly amazing guy!

carrie b. said...

i like the first one.

i read books that have my name in them.

those are the only kinds i like.