Last night, I was trying to make this new Rachel Ray pasta dish that called for sweet italian sausage. Well, when I went to the grocery store, they didn't have any sweet italian sausage, not even at the deli counter. So, I used a pack of chorizo instead. I remembered that my brother uses it for egg dishes and to make awesome burritoes. Then, last night, I realized that I didn't buy ground chorizo but, instead, bought the kind that is like a huge pepperoni. You could just slice off a piece and put it on a cracker. Sooo, whoops.
...I promise I'll blog about something more exciting soon.


Lora said...

You take the sausage & cut off the casing around it and WAH LAH you have ground sausage. Little Mom Tip!

freakface said...

If you want an exceptional sausage (that you probably can't get around here - we've tried), get Portugese sausage. It's popular with the Japanese tourists wherever they go. It's savory and sweet without being super spicy. If you CAN get it around here, please let me know, because I really like it.

Joe said...

If you want good sausage, go to Trawka's on Hess Avenue. They have probably the best in Erie, and the fresh cuts of meat are great. Fresh Kielbasa, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian...it's all good!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

It wasn't like that- it was really hard the whole way through- not ground within the casing.
Good tip, though.

Lora said...

Perhaps buy a meatgrinder?? You do remember the Mr. Bruce story about buying Mrs. Tyrette a meat grinder for her birthday don't you?

Joe's suggestion sounds great! I have cooked with Jimmy Dean Italian sausage & it is different & good. I am sure the real Italians do a better job than Jimmy Dean.

Freakface does not understand how we all love our really spicy.

Danielle said...

a little food network tip i picked up YESTERDAY, if you can believe that: you can make chorizo. i know, right?


Anonymous said...

I would suggest Larry's Central Market and Urbaniak's Meat Market. You can get very good Italian sausage (sweet and hot) and chorizo both places. Additionally, Urbaniak's also has andouille.

Anonymous said...

Did you check for the Bob Evans brand Italian Roll sausage that I think is usually by the bacon and stuff? That's what I always use for Rachael Ray recipes!

Anonymous said...

Skip the grocery stores for sausage...the best in town is at Larry's Central Market at 16th & Sassafras. They make all their sausages (hot, sweet, port wine (Christmas time, spinach parmesan, and if they have left over from a big batch, peppers & onions mixed right in with the meat) right there in the store. It's the best in town.

Anonymous said...

well, apparantly blogging about sausage is more exciting than you thought b/c you have 9 or 10 comments here!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I love the spicy italian turkey sausage.

Anonymous said...

that chorizo you happened upon was already cured. try feeling the package or reading it (sorry) and make sure it's not cured.
also for a healthy alternative try soy-rizo-(usually in the vege. aisle) at your hippie healthfood or maybe your local supermarket.
first time i had it i didn't realize it was faux-meat. might even fool adam.