Tiny Onesies

Last weekend, I attended a baby shower for my sweet Texas-come-Pennsylvania friend, Sarah. 
She is on the right, Lauren (on the left) is in our girls' group and also "with child."  She's about 17 weeks.    

So, here we are, our girls' group (minus Erica- she had to leave).  As usual, Bethany and I are ruining the picture for the group.  But, hey- that's the way we role and one of the great things about being in the back row!

This shower was really enjoyable.  We had lots of games but it was fun and not awkward because it was a small group and we all knew each other well.  

Oh, I didn't have a gift bag so I put my gift in a Wegman's bag so that Addy can learn how to reduce her waste early on in life.  Sure.   I also included a picture of my great future invention, the breast pump backpack.  See, when I went to Sarah's house, I was looking at the box that her breast pump came in and I was like, "Oooh, so you put on this backpack and you hook up the pumps and it pumps your milk into the insulated backpack!  Cool."  And Sarah was like, "No, Camille.  The backpack is used to carry the breast pump around."  

But, I started thinking about it and I think it's a pretty awesome invention!   You could do housework while you pump.  Obviously, it'd have to have a rechargeable battery like for a laptop but the bag would be insulated and you could just pump into your backpack.  

Oh, so here's the game where we tried to guess how big Sarah's stomach is.  I grossly overestimated.  Sorry, Sarah.  

We also played a game where you write out the baby's name and then try and make as many words as you can out of the letters. 

We also played a game where you started out with 5 rubber bands around your wrist and you can't say "baby", something else I can't remember, or touch your hair with your hand.  If someone else catches you doing one of those, they can bust you and steal a rubber band. 

It became quiet competitive.

Oh, this is a sweet tutu that Brooke got Addy.  I would totally wear that.

This is us with our NAPLEX board review books.  We used those to write on for our game.  Oh, the other game that we played was one where a hostess holds up all these different baby items and you have to guess the price of them and write it down.  Whoever has the smallest difference at the end, wins!

I learned that baby stuff ain't cheap, friends.  

Sarah with the two hostesses.  

Enjoying some cake.  

And...a serious picture of all of us gals.  Good times, good times.  Go baby!


Lora said...

What fun! More fun to come next weekend. I know ML is relieved that we will not be guessing how big her stomach is. That is a sure way to loose a friend!

adrian seney said...

I was worried you had disappeared with your mom! Glad you are back - I love sweet babies...so exciting!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Trust me, pumping aint as easy and fun as it sounds and breast feeding in general ain't no picnic my friend. I got the boobs to prove it. It ain't pretty.

Hannah Lee said...

CAMILLE....the milk goes into the backpack! Priceless. I wish you could do housework while you pumped. That would save tons of time! You are too funny...

Bethany said...

Okay, that last picture looks like I'm still goofing off.

Anonymous said...

Ok, can I just admit that the backpack makes sense to me too? You and I could go into patented technology with these things....the Cold Wave and the Breastpump Backpack! And I AM glad that you will not be guessing the size of my stomach...just know that it's large.

Our Family said...

That was definitely mine and Addy's favorite shower! You guys are the best even though you all thought my stomach was much larger! (all with the exception of Bethany!)

Crystal Pye said...

Hey mel,
Is EVERYONE you know prego? Anyway, I'm new to the blog world, I actually started one tonight, so I'm now stalking yours for inspiration (you're hilarious!). Any pointers?