Bad Blogger!


I was doing so good, folks. I was posting every day for like four weeks! What happened? I fell off the wagon.

To redeem myself, I give you the following:

Now, normally I don't really take much interest in celebrity going-ons. But today, on the msn homepage, I was filled with hope and happiness to see this:

McGosling Reunite

Heck to the yes. I'm sorry but I have a hard time separating Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams from Ally & Noah in The Notebook & all that unconditional love and passion that they represented. Then, when they were together in real life, we were like "Yay!" Then when they broke up in real life, we were like, "Oh no! Head for the bomb shelter!" Then when I saw this, again, I was like, "Thank you, Lord!"

I don't know why, folks, it just makes me happy. They're like the cutest canadian couple alive. Let's be honest.

Also, to further redeem myself:


Brooke & Freeland said...

AHHH Im so happy they are back together also! Thanks for sharing the good news! They are one of the only little celeb couples that I was routing for. When I saw him in Lars and the real girl (which yall still HAVE to see.. maybe this weekend?!) I was sad they werent still together.

PS - umm can I borrow HP? :)

Deb said...

I didn't know they were together in the first place....but I am glad they are back together...they are cute together...

Looking forward to seeing Harry Potter!

Anonymous said...

friggin' closet Potterhead

Dave said...

FYI: Dave and I are watching more Harry Potter movies tonight. Be jealous. We also checked our blood pressure tonight at Wegmans... we're so wild on Friday nights.

Bethany said...

Because you did it and I want to be just like you, I'm going to finish the Harry Potter series.....after I finish the Jodi Picoult book I got you for your bday. Which is crazy BTW. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this book.

Miss you!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOVE THE NOTEBOOK.........I think my eyes were swollen shut from crying so much. My husband snored soundly beside me.

Anonymous said...

I swear I heard angels singing when I saw this picture.

I really hope they are back together again. Cutest couple EVER!!!