This is Larry (and Adam's white thigh).   Larry was a freshman at Baylor when Adam & I were seniors.  We were in the same section at our church and Larry took to calling Adam his "shepherd" and laughing at everything Adam said.  (This is one of Adam's favorite things about Larry- he feels really funny!)

See below picture.

Larry is a smart kid, too.  He was driving across the country to start LAW SCHOOL at Boston College.  So he stopped in little ol' Erie to spend the night on the way.  We expected Larry on Friday afternoon but he called, instead, on Thursday to say that he was gonna come on down.  He got stuck in Rush Hour traffic and so he wasn't going to arrive in Erie until midnight-ish.  So, being the grandma & gramps that we are, we had to decide what to do.  I'm more of the "wait up until they come" school but Adam suggested that we go to bed at ten and take a power nap until midnight so that we would be ready to visit & stay up since Larry wouldn't be here for long. 

So, we did!  I still am not sure that was the wisest road but, regardless, we had a good time visiting with Larry into the wee hours of the night (what happened to my late night capacity?  Those hours were totally normal in college!  I guess they went away with the 8 a.m. start to a work day and no nap opportunities?)  Anywhoos, the next day, after class, Adam & Larry went to lunch and to see our great lake and then Larry drove on to his new Boston life. 

It's so good to see someone from home.  Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago that we lived in our little rent house in Texas and had a life amongst these people but then it's so seamless to be with those friends & seems so natural that we should be heading back any second now to have some custard at Katie's.  
So, thanks for coming little Larry lamb.  We miss you.  You & Dez better come visit us soon! 


Deb said...

I totally understand those feelings!! We rarely get yanks passing though...

adrian seney said...

Awww, a visit from an old friend. That's fun!

Danielle said...

hellllooooooooo! i was gone. we were just there to check out a few things. 11:00 on sunday is our scene. ;-)

1. I do the programs and all graphic design/communications/marketing at the church, oversee the website, etc.
2. Dave shoots and produces the videos.
3. We should totally see HP together! Maybe we can get a big group to go...that would rock.
4. I have an opening on the communications team, if you're interested (concepting sermon series themes, editing, proofing, strategies)!! Think about it. It's a fun time.

Brooke & Freeland said...

yall are great sports for staying up so late. (even with the nap!)

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Male white thigh next to male face..........some sicko on the internet would pay big $$$ for that pic.