When Adam & I lived in Waco, our favorite weekend activity was geocaching!  In case you don't know about geocaching- it's basically a big "treasure" hunting game using a GPS.  So, we download all of these coordinates into Adam's handheld GPS and then we go out hunting for the treasure.  Usually, we end up in the woods feeling around in dark holes in tree trunks.  Anywhoos, there are all kinds of caches (prizes or goals) to find.  People can leave big caches in the woods under a log, medium-size caches on the back of a rain gutter, or teeny caches behind a guardrail (these are magnetic caches and are tiny.) 

Adam & I are huge dorks and love geocaching.  Many caches have a prize left inside of them that you can take and then you leave something else for the next folks.  Typically, it's something pretty junky but sometimes you get lucky and get a really good prize, particularly if you are the first person to find a cache.  Otherwise, especially with the tiny caches, you just sign your name and then go home and log all your finds on the computer.  When Adam & I lived in Waco and Adam had his big honkin' jeep, we (including Powers- but he's not very good. ) would drive out on these trails and then hike in to find caches.  Lots of fun. 

Anywhoos, my favorite geocaching memory is when Adam & I decided to go night-caching.  We took off after dark and did a lot of down-town caches.  At one point, we were on the corner of two busy streets, in the parking lot of a closed bank, using our head lamps to dig through bushes to find a little cache.  I'm sure the police were on their way for the suspicious bank robbers digging through the bushes.  

So, this past Saturday, Adam, Powers, and I went geocaching in Erie.  There are some hidden in the woods near us and in Asbury Woods.  BEAUTIFUL day to go and I had forgotten how much fun it was.  So, if you're interested, check out this website.  You won't regret it!  It's good family bonding time!


lesli said...

that sounds like something my husband would love! i think you just gave me a great idea for an anniversary present=)

Hannah Lee said...

Wow...never heard of such, but sounds like loads of fun! It's fun to have those fun little things to do with hubby..

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

We have thought about doing this.....simply because it would be so much fun with kids. We love the woods etc.