Weekend Review

You'll be happy to know that Adam had a successful "sensitive exams" Saturday. I woke up with him at 6 a.m. (miracle!) and made cinnamon rolls. We got to sip on some coffee and pray for his crazy day doing male and female pelvic exams. Yee-haw!

Without going into too much detail, they went well and Adam was exhausted by the end of the day- combination of nerves, standing up a long time, and slight discomfort! But he didn't hurt any of his patients (Don't worry- they're paid for doing this) and he even gave a real pap smear, palpated ovaries, and checked a man for a hernia (plus much more!).

Last night, Brooke & Freeland had us over for taco soup (delicious!), pumpkin carving (delightful!), and Charlie Brown's It's the Great Pumpkin (coggone dynamite). I like D words. Anyways, it was fun but pumpkin carving ain't what it was when you were a kid. There are kits involved and multiple instruments! No more emptying out the pumpkin with your mom's spoon that ends up severely bent. They have a scoopy thingy that you purchase with the kit.

I will post our finished results once Brooke uploads her pictures to Flickr (ahem, Brooke.... just kidding). Adam & Freeland, ironically, had the best jack-o-lanterns by the end of the night. (To be fair, Brooke's was REALLY intricate and not complete once we left) But still. The boys with the best jack o' lanterns? Hmmmm.....Future surgeons?


Lora said...

Someday it will be like changing Poop diapers-NO BIG DEAL!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

ahhh the smell of cinnamon rolls and va-j-j in the morning.....does life get any sweeter?