An Open Letter from My Best Pal

Remember my best friend, Mary Lou? She was due this past Sunday. Well, actually she was supposed to have a c-section LAST Tuesday because the baby was in breech. But once they got to the hospital at 4:30 a.m. with the family, hooked her up to an IV, and prepped her for the surgery, her doctor came in the room to do an ultrasound to see where to make the incision.

Guess What? The baby had flipped. Mary Lou & Brian took it as an answer to prayer (she was uneasy about the c-section) and went home and sent the family back.

However, this past week has not been easy on ol' Mary Lou. She has been slightly frustrated as life is on hold until the baby comes. She had wrapped up work and is now just waiting with hormones sailing through her baby-filled body. The following is an email she wrote me the other day.

Now, normally, Mary Lou is just sweet as a peach. Patient, thoughtful, always thinking of others. So, hormonal, over-due Mary Lou is HILARIOUS to me. She is fiesty and very entertaining to me (Listen, she can make fun of me in 5 months). So, I give you (with permission from the author), Mary Lou's email:

Just wanted to update you all on the lack of news in my life. Today I am 40 weeks and one day pregnant. So when people ask the happy question "when are you due?" I get to tell them YESTERDAY. I came as close as I ever have to hitting a little old woman with my Bible at church yesterday. "Have you had that baby yet?" Gee lady.....does it LOOK like i've had that baby yet!!?? Other favorite questions/comments include "when are you going to have that baby?" (if I knew that, I could probably predict the future right?) "you look like you're about to pop!" (does it make people feel better about themselves to say this?) and the classic "Are you dilated?" (no thanks I do NOT want to discuss the condition of my vagina/cervix with you, perfect stranger) Here is a comprehensive list of the things that I have tried to "have that baby"

1. walking....around 45-50 minutes a day....tried running (after conversation with linz when she said she tried the same with hallie) but ended up looking like a penguin trying to escape from the zoo

2. pineapple...supposedly helps to induce labor. in the last 3 days have had 2 pineapple smoothies and am currently working on large plastic container from the grocery store

3. bouncing on exercise ball (my mom is somehow convinced this will hurt her head?)

4. sex- ironic that the very thing that got us into this mess is supposed to get us out of it eh?

5. baked "labor-inducing cookies"....these lovely gems have a long list of ingredients including ginger, cloves, cinnamon, honey, and cayenne pepper. All I got was heartburn and then diarrhea

6. Spicy foods...been adding tabasco to my peanut butter sandwiches. Had jalapeƱo nachos - no help.

7. vacuuming- will be trying this today. Someone at my work claimed that helps. I think it's a ploy by someone's husband who was trying to get out of doing chores.

8. Riding down bumpy roads

Any other ideas -crazy or not -welcome. I am a desperate woman here. PLEASE COME SOON BABY!!!!

LOVE YOU BESTY!  Thanks for letting me share your story!


Lora said...

ML-when two and a half weeks past due with #2-I was SO frustrated I wanted to scream. I had decided I was terminally PG. So the VERY thing they said don't do-I did. We went to the Mexican restaurant & I TANKED up big time with my favorite food. Walked out of the restaurant and my water broke on the front walk on same restaurant. NOT SMART-since no anesthetic after a stomach full of Mexican Food. SO-GO EAT MEXICAN FOOD! Miss Oswalt will make her grand entrance in her own sweet time. Just letting you know from the beginning just who is in charge.

Hannah Lee said...

THAT WAS HILARIOUS! She needs to write a book. My only advice is to run. Around week 39 I had had no sleep and no dilation yet so I decided to take a jog. At about 5 am. That way no one saw me and my big butt coming down the street! Marylou, I am so happy for you! Hang in there sweet girl! That baby will be here and life will change forever!

B-HO said...

How bout castor oil----KELLY SWEARS it works....sounds just plain gross to me though...

Brooke & Freeland said...

so so so funny! Im glad you shared it! I was laughing very hard. (and taking notes! :)

Brooke & Freeland said...

umm somehow that posted before I was done! I meant that I was taking notes of what NOT to say to dear friends who are prego! Very helpful :)

Jeff and Lauren said...

I like the escaping penguin imagery! Keep us posted (even though we I don't know her...still exciting!).

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOLOLOL.........I did NOT talk to ANYONE during my last 2 weeks of pregnancy with my 3rd child. My Older son was instructed to answer the phone and tell ANYONE AND EVERYONE.....including my MOTHER that I was not taking calls until the baby was born. I was sooo disgusted and sick of answering questions that I could have put a hot poker in someone's eye. Unfortunately....babies come when they want to come and nothing you can do will change this. Also...don't let any doctor talk you into an induction just because you are a little overdue.....only induction when it becomes clear the placenta is starting to die because you are WAY overdue. You are the one in control....not these impatient docs that now want to have babies on their schedules. Don't get me started!

adrian seney said...

Bless your heart, Mary Lou! My first was born at 38 weeks and my second at 39. I cannot imagine being over 40 weeks pregnant....just hang in there, it will all be worth it in the end!

Our Family said...

That e-mail cracked me up!!! I never got to the point of being "overdue" since Addy came early, but I can see how it is frustrating. I did see a lady take castor oil on The Baby Story, but that doesn't sound very appetizing. It sounds like this baby has its own agenda!!!

freakface said...

Hi. Lone guy here. EWW! COME ON, CAM! Alert us that there are icky visuals to come!

You could always do what they do in the Ward and apply the magic chopstick. Yes, I've been there for that, and there were still 9 hours of labor to follow.

Anonymous said...

came across your blog and was so glad to see you're doing well- and pregnant! Guess what... so am I!!

Tell Mary Lou to try PAPAYA and lots of it!!!
Take care!!
Alex (wink) Andrews

Olson Family said...

haha good luck mary lou! NONE of that worked with jack and he, too, was in the breech position and flipped at 39 weeks....I was so excited...but Jack never came on his own so I ended up having a C section anyway (but I must say, my C section was WONDERFUL and I LOVED it!!!!!)

Deb said...

LOL! Thanks Camille and Mary Lou... after worrying about the election and the stock market for days I needed a great laugh... Yes, I too remember being OVERDUE. I sat about feeling like a toad. I didn't try anything clever so I have no advice....Josh never has liked change. Once at the hospital he was stuck in the canal so they induced. Please avoid the induction drug (pitosin) at all costs. She'll come in her own time and it will be ok. My prayers are with you ...it is going to be so wonderful!!!

Olson Family said...

april 25 is my actual due date...however...given the fact that I'm having a c section my doc will schedule delivery a week prior to my due date...17 or 18ish probably.... YES we are so close!!! how are you feeling?

Anonymous said...

I just cried I was laughing so hard at Marylou's ever so sweet commentary on being 40 weeks, 1 day preganant!