New Sheriff

When Adam & I got ready to tell our parents about the baby, I racked my brain trying to think of cute ways to break the news!  However, Adam had the most genius idea and here we will show you. 

First, we found the most adorable pair of baby cowboy boots online.  

We placed each of these boots into a package and mailed each to our parents.  

The note attached was specially burnt around the edges by Adam R. Jennings and we wrote, "There's a New Sheriff in Town..." 
 and then the inside said, "Baby Jennings April 19, 2009"

Adam's mama thought it was a weird political advertisement before she got to the inside!  

The parents loved them.

Adam is brilliant.

P.S. I spelled Sheriff wrong on the real thing- Two r's...whoops.


adrian seney said...

I am comforted that you spelled a word wrong! Very cute idea. I happened to see the boot, too.

Lora said...

Best thing that has happened to me in a LONG TIME! A terrific surprise!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOL, I love that his mom didn't get it at first........THAT would be my mom.

So your kid won't be able to speel....there are worse things in life hehehehe.

Hannah Lee said...

SO CUTE! You guys are so creative. I know they loved receiving that!

Brooke & Freeland said...

it was sooo CUTE! and sooo Creative!!!!

freakface said...

At least you didn't spell it "Sharif" or Shar-iff - as in "Thar's uh noo Shar-iff"

Bethany said...

I'm glad you finally posted those pictures. Super cute you two!