Hair Shortenings.

Here are our pumpkins that we carved Sunday night! (Pictures by Brooke)

(L to R): Adam's ghost, Freeland's awesome window display, my cross-eyed bat

not pictured: Brooke's really, really complicated pumpkin. (Do you have pictures of that now, Brooke? )

See what I mean? I am the weak link!

Tonight I am getting my hair low-lighted and cut. I haven't done anything to my hair since the beginning of July and it is in serious disarray. I've got some serious brassiness going on with these old highlights/lowlights. But I didn't want to do anything with color first trimester even though the doctor says it's okay. Because then if something did happen, I'd be like, "It's because I highlighted my hair."

Good news, though, is that the highlights are in foil and don't really touch your scalp.

Some (Cut not color) ideas:

Any thoughts?


Lora said...

Top one is SO YOU! Love the pumpkins! I think your pumpkin is really cute. We just missed that artistic gene somewhere along the line!

Deg said...

Excellent pumpkin carving!

brown eyed blogg said...

love love both of the haircuts. cute easy and mom-able.

Hannah Lee said...

I am so impressed with the pumpkin carving. Was that freehanded? I think you would look fabulous with a paper sack over your head. I think both are adorable!

Bethany said...

U love your pumpkin and I can't wait to see your hair.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOL, your bat reminds me of the bugs bunny cartoon where their is a guy and bugs bunny sings "La di di di da da hocussss pocusss" and then the guy turns into a bat and then bugs goes "La di di di da da abbrrrra cadabrraaaa" and he turns back into a guy and then he goes " abbra capocus" and he becomes 1/2 guy and 1/2 bat and then "hocuss cadabrrraaa" and goes 1/2 bat 1/2 man. LOVE THAT ONE!