Perfect Fall Weekend, Part 1

Even though the parents weren't here this weekend (tear), Adam & I buckled down and enjoyed this beautiful fall weekend.   

After taking a morning walk, 

Adam & I drove out out to the country.

To a pumpkin patch.

See the pumpkins?

Only problem was...we were not alone. Behind us, rolled in hundreds of suburbans filled with tiny children. No, literally, there were hundreds of people there. And, yes, we were the only folks there lacking (visible) children. Then, we saw the admissions booth (requiring money) and we decided to flee to less-packed territories.

I would've liked to try the corn maze and hay ride though.

Anywhoos, we fled to one of Adam's lil' fishing spots. It's by this old rickety one-lane bridge. The bridge squeaks and squawks when you go across like it's about to just lean over and roll into the river.

Here we are!

Secret (not really) Fishing Spot

Adam casting while Powers ventures into the cold waters to help. 

Powers & I frolicking through the woods. P.S. These are my favorite work-out pants ever.

 Just F.Y.I.

See the baby bump? 

We wrapped up the morning with lunch in good ol' historic Waterford, PA.  It was the best day to be outside enjoying creation!  

Then, we came home and had a power-nap in preparation for Phase 2 of Saturday:  Oktoberfest.  
To be continued in Part 2...
Also, to be covered is Bethany's 25th birthday shindig on Friday night... 
Dum, Dum, Dum...


adrian seney said...

I do see a little baby-bump....sooo exciting!! I am a little disturbed, though. Your baby-bump is smaller than my "I have not been pregnant for eighteen months" belly. You may have just given me the inspiration I need!!!

Bethany said...

You look so cute Camizzle! It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend up here in Erie!!! Josh and I definitely felt the Lord's blessings this weekend of placing us up here during this season of med-school.

Lora said...


Olson Family said...

umm what baby bump? i see the bottom of your sic pack but really, no baby bump! I see NO evidence of the post thanksgiving supper belly...sorry...you look GREAT!!!

freakface said...

1) Thanks so much for coming out our way and NOT VISITING. BOO!

2) You'll be glad you didn't go to Fall Fest at the Peek today. It was a madhouse. They had (according to their own estimates) 800 classic cars on display as part of the show - they reason they can only estimate is because they ran out of registration paperwork at 700, so the rest were just there. The traffic up there was insane. There were tons of people, and there was nowhere to park. I've been up there on the busiest ski day they EVER HAD (according to their web site) and there were fewer cars. Traffic up and down Olde Road was stop and go - mainly stop. When we came in, cars were parked a little over a mile-and-a-half away, and the folks who walked from there beat us in - as in we couldn't even see them when we got to the Lodge.

3) The leaves looked good, but She thinks that next weekend will be the best colors - I don't know. I think we're already there, but due to the crappy weather we're going to be stuck with muted colors this time around.



Jeff and Lauren said...

Yay, Port Farms. Little did you know you were about 2 miles from my school. Where did you eat in Waterford? I love the little amish restaurant, Sugar and Spice. If you didn't go there, you have to try it sometime. :)

Hannah Lee said...

You are so cute! I could eat you up! Your area up there in Yankeeville is so picturesque...ahh that Fall leaves! Thanks for posting some pics of that cute baby bump.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend-

You look skinny and cute. Might need a side pic to actually prove that there is a bump there. Prediction is that you are doing to look awesome during this pregnancy! Wish we were hanging out doing fall-like things together...especially since I am still not having this bambino!!

Our Family said...

You look great!!! You can barely tell you are prego!!! I am so jealous looking at the beautiful trees and the fun fall festivities. I hate we missed our last fall in Erie...it is my favorite time of the year!!! Enjoy...next year you will have Baby Jennings to take pictures of!!

brown eyed blogg said...

i subscribe to the CUTEST kid stuff blogs on my blog..... click on some of them!!!!!

we will find you an owl onesie.... or ill make one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!