Saturday, after the power nap, we met up with Brooke, Brooke's mom, and Freeland at Oktoberfest.  

L to R:  Freeland (nice legs!), me, Adam, Brooke


The best part was the clothing!  All the people working there had on Germany, Van Trap family singers-like apparel.  I wish'd I'd worn my milk-maid dress.

I love these two gentlemen.  Seems like they should go yodel.  

We sat outside and the boys sipped on some beer and then played this game.   "German CornHole" or something like that...Anywhoos, you try to throw the beanbag into the hole.  

Honest Summary?  Oktoberfest was fun but it was no Greekfest.  However, my opinion comes from the fact that while we were there (Saturday night from 5:30-8:30ish) there were supposed to be bands playing but they never went onstage.  Sooo, it was mainly converse amongst yourself and visit the different rooms and areas of the church and people watch- which was pretty cool!

Today,  I came home from work and there was a package with my name on it.  I hastily opened it and, inside, it held the most wonderful pair of pants. 

Maternity pants.  Ah, the wonder.  I readily examined them and they looked so stretchy and nice.  Now, I really don't need maternity pants yet but they are just sooooo darn comfortable, I may never take them off.  

Thanks, Mom!!!


Jeff and Lauren said...

Moms are good at sending fun packages. My mom has been an awesome maternity clothes hunter too! I don't know about you but when I got my first few maternity items, I laughed at how big they were. (I laughed really hard when trying on the shirts that were given to me by a friend who had just had twins...yeah right I thought!) Now, I am not laughing. They are starting to fit! One shirt is even getting a little too tight!!! I don't mind growing because it is for a great cause...it is just wierd to grow so rapidly and need things like elastic waist bands and maternity underwear. I think you should take a picture of you wearing the maternity pants now...and then have people predict how many weeks it will be until they fit. :)

Bethany said...

I agree with Lauren on taking a pic now! I'd love to see that!

Way to go Mom!

Hannah Lee said...

Yah for maternity pants! Lots of room to grow...whether its a baby or a big dinner!

The Tylers said...

I probably wore my maternity pants way too long after Landry, but hey, I was pregnant for 2 years. Now it is taking a marathon to get the pounds off:). Enjoy your maternity pants!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Gap Maternity jeans ROCK...buy some

adrian seney said...

Just wait....when that precious baby is born you will want to burn your maternity clothes! The mere sight of them will make you angry....also, after two pregnancies, I don't think I will ever wear a shirt that ties in the back (very popular among maternity clothes designers).

Our Family said...

Ha! Just wait until the 9th month and your maternity pants sag below your belly because they won't fit over your belly anymore!!! Now that Addy is six weeks I am finally out of my comfy maternity pants. Enjoy elastic while it is fashionably allowed!!