All the Fun You Could Have.

It is snowing outside right now. Seriously. Spring has not arrived in Erie- no, no. So, as a mother of an active toddler, what have we been doing? Well, besides the Y & playdates, we...

play with laundry hampers! Here's how:
  • tie a belt to a laundry hamper. Ride Henry around in the hamper.
  • let Henry climb into the laundry hamper, cover the top with a blanket...fort!
  • fill the laundry hamper with stuffed animals.
  • turn the laundry hamper upside down. Jump off the laundry hamper. Use the laundry hamper to reach otherwise unobtainable objects and destinations.
  • help Elliot sit in the laundry hamper. Dance in circles around him and make him giggle.
  • find other laundry hampers. throw all of the dirty and clean clothes out of them and form a large pile of dirty/clean clothes.
  • find mom's eyeliner. Scribble on the laundry hamper.
Maybe I should write a book?


Sarah Duke said...

I would SO buy your book! I can't believe it's snowing there. Last week it was in the 80's here and this week it's in the 50's. I know you can't wait to be back in good ole' Southern weather! :)

Katie Jobczynski said...

sounds like a paaarrttaaaaayyyyy