Henry hit Elliot today for the first time. It was sad. We were at my friend, Bethany's. This was Elliot & Bethany's son, Jonah moments before the incident.

Then I was moving Elliot to his car seat and WHAM, Henry hits Elliot on the head with a plastic colander. Elliot is in shock, I begin disciplining Henry but then Elliot starts freaking out and I have to nurse him to calm him down after the paci fails. Now Elliot has a red mark on his forehead.

Brothers, c'mon. Brotherly love. Get on board!


CaseyWiegand said...

girl, Aiden has been hitting, pushing and throwing things at Ainsleigh for months, HELP!!

Loralu said...

Dad suggested you keep Elliot out of the colandar fly zone!

The Tylers said...

Poor Elliot:(!! Consider it a love pat...maybe??!! Hope he is ok and there is no bump.

Bethany said...

I still feel so bad that happened. Hope Elliot is feeling ok. And does Jonah look super long in your picture. Holy cow!