PB & Swaddles

Henry loves peanut butter.
Glad he's getting some protein. He doesn't really like meat.

Elliot is still being swaddled & lately I've had to go into his room all throughout the night to put the paci back into his mouth. Also, I'm still nursing him every 3-4 hours at night. He is five months old today. Not quite sure what to think or do about this kid but I sure am sleepy in the middle of the night and thought about throwing him out the window one time (kidding. well, kinda.) I tried letting him fuss for a bit a few times when his paci came out but he screams bloody murder & I just can't handle it. So, I guess that leaves me with suck it up and go put the paci back into his mouth every 45 minutes?

Casey, how do you do the side thing? I'm scared that Elliot would roll onto his face while swaddled if I did it the wrong way.


The Tylers said...

Landry Grace is a finger sucker because I refused to stick her paci back in. Kinda hate it now because you can get rid of the paci but not the fingers....!! I know how you feel about letting him cry it out, but the truth is he will continue to wake up and cry until you let him cry it out consistently. You HAVE to get sleep. Waking up every 45 minutes to put a paci in doesn't allow you enough:(. I truly can remember the pain of their cry. But the end result was worth it( to me).

Lindsey said...

does henry not like bread either? i love the pic of him with the pb and spoon!

Hannah Lee said...

He could be teething too. Camille, my only thoughts are that he has realized when I cry, Momma runs. If you know he is not in any danger, he is full and swaddled, I would let him cry it out. It is worth the try. Put a fan on in your room to drown out the noise so you don't feel compelled to just jump up! But, his teeth maybe bothering him so it might be why he has taken it to a whole other level...It will get better soon!

CaseyWiegand said...

hey will you email me your phone number im going to text you a pic of how she sleeps!!!!!!!!!! love you friend, we r in the same boat. A cries all through the night. my sleeping angel is gone