Train Love.

Anyone else jam out to Genevieve and Choo-Choo Soul on Disney?
Just me?

Anyways, Henry got a train table for Christmas & we purchased the Imaginarium table. LOVE IT. Well, Adam may not have loved it when he was assembling it at midnight on Christmas Eve but it has served us so well. It is way cheaper (like way-way cheaper) than the Thomas stuff but it is compatible with Thomas trains and tracks. Hot dog, hot dog, hot-diggity-dog!

This is a good train-age, too. Before, I think he would've gotten super frustrated and thrown tracks and trains from here to Hong Kong but now he's pretty good at keeping the trains on the tracks and limiting his frustration to a bridge crumble & "Uh-oh" or two.

Or three.


Tiffany said...

Good to know that trains will probably be in our near future. I'll need to keep this train table in mine. I like the Hot Diggity Dog reference... I still have that song in my head from our little guy's card.

Loralu said...

Tell Adam that I have put him on my list to pack up the 1,000,000 pieces to the train set as well as dis-assembling the table at moving time!

Jeff and Lauren said...

Haha! We listen to Genevieve too (on the computer!). Its catchy! We got the Target train table and I'm bummed because yours looks way more fun. I love the last picture where you can tell he is making train noises. Such a cute boy.

Lindsey said...

He looks so determined with those trains! Love it! Miss you, friend!

Deb said...

WOW...this is adorable and I am thinking of someone special who might just NEED this!!