Toddler Photos & Water Parks

Saturday afternoon, we met up with Danielle to try to capture a few family pictures. She took some great pictures of Henry back in May. However, to try & keep Henry still enough to capture a picture these days is comparable to baptizing a cat...or something like that.

So we got a lot of pictures of Elliot. I'm okay with that. Poor second child needs to have his life captured, too!

For Adam's 28th birthday (this past Friday), Katie came to babysit and I whisked him away to Erie's premiere indoor water park, Splash Lagoon. Oh yeah.

We rode slides with all the preteens and had a blast. Seriously, if you live in Erie & haven't been, you need to check it out. Muy fun. Warning, though: if you check it out on a Friday night, it's pretty crowded and the DJ plays lots of Justin Bieber.

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CaseyWiegand said...

You are SO fun! Seriously! Please please move to Dallas!