Everything About Sleep

My Elliot is not a very good sleeper. By that, I mean that he wakes up a lot. With Henry, I stressed, worried & tried everything under the sun to get him to sleep better and in a consecutive way. I had read a book with a very specific sleep strategy and, while I've known people that loved that strategy & their kids did well with it, I did not and he did not. Every baby is so different. Don't even go there with the baby-mama comparison/envy game. It's ugly. I am thankful that God has seriously given me such a new perspective with Elliot. As in, the perspective that He'll get there!

Basically, he is 4 months old as of Friday. If you're trying to get your kid to sleep better, I think you have two main options: You can let them cry or you can go in and tend to them (i.e. put a paci in their mouth, nurse them, etc.) I am not ready to let Elliot cry so I am in camp #2, tending to him when he cries.

With Henry, we transitioned him out of the swaddle between 3 and 4 months old. I was getting ready to do that with Elliot (he was getting his arms out and getting frustrated). So, with Henry, it was the easiest transition ever- that first night that I didn't swaddle him, I told myself, okay...he'll probably wake up a lot. I will give him 5 minutes every time he wakes up and, if he's still awake, I'll go tend to him. So, he did end up waking up around every 45 minutes but he was able to just fall back asleep within the 5 minute time period almost every time. The next night, he didn't wake up every 45 minutes. It was easy-peasy.

With my Elliot, we tried this same philosophy the other night. The 5 minutes ended & he still cried and cried and cried. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. He was so upset. So, I swaddled him, wrapped his swaddle with the wing from a halo sleep sack and put him back down. In my mind, I'm thinking:

A. he's clearly not ready to be unswaddled
B. I am definitely not ready for him to cry like that.

So, onward we go. Here's the thing: he's not a great sleeper but he's healthy and so happy and God has helped me so much in the energy department and the not-stressing-about-it department.

And also, there is this awesome product that helps me every morning called coffee and I love my daily cup with assorted coffeemate creamers.

I look back at Henry & sleep issues and I was so worried and trying new things all the time- I was so inconsistent. But you know what? He got there and now he's a great sleeper. So, in my mind, you pray, ask for wisdom & then you follow your heart & your Mama-gut. Everyone's babies are different & everyone's convictions and breaking points are different. But now, when new moms ask me for advice on sleep training, my first tip is...just breathe.


CaseyWiegand said...

Girl I LOVE this post!! E sounds alot like my Aiden. And Ainsleigh sounds more like Henry. It's interesting to see both types!! Love u girl!!!

CaseyWiegand said...

Girl! I LOVE this post!!! E sounds just like Aiden and Henry like Ainsleigh.... So eye opening To see both! Love you girl... Really thankful that I have someone to relate to! Love u!

Joanna said...

Yay Camille! Not that I have done a swaddling trial or anything, but in the office when moms ask me questions and are often tearful, I always answer them with what works best for them and their baby, b/c each is different. Books can't determine it all- some ppl go crazy with those answers! Now clearly there are some red flags and answers that I cringe when having to give/correct, like your 3 year old should not be drinking juice from a bottle, ha! But anyway, So refreshing to see a mama who can go with the flow and notice what is best for THEIR baby! Love it, you're an awesome mamacita! Praying for your match and that God places your family in the perfect place for Adam to minister to others with his gift of medicine.

The Tylers said...

You are absolutely correct Camille! Different strokes for different folks. In a few years you'll be worried about the schools the boys will attend! And amen to some coffee:)!

The Allen Family said...

You have a great perspective on the sleep thing! He will get there! I never thought Addy would sleep and I was going to work on about 3 hours of sleep everyday, but now she is an awesome sleeper and Eliot will get there too!

Amanda (Hutchison) Thompson said...

Did you know I secretly stalk your blog?! (haha) Anyways, I love watching your posts and watching your little men grow. I TOTALLY understand the sleep thing and have been debating myself when (and HOW) we transition our little girl from being swaddled! I love your confirmation too that we just can't compare ourselves to others because 1) it never makes anyone feel better and 2) it's not like these little babies got a manual when they came out either! Grace and patience, grace and patience!!!
Thanks for the post!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

No way! Hi Amanda! Thanks for the encouragement!

Deb said...

Wisdom has always been your thing....nothing new!