The Wedding

Heeeey bridesmaids.

It was a whirlwind trip to Louisiana and back (landed in LA at 9:00 on Thursday night, flew out 6 a.m. on Sunday) but it was totally worth it! What a beautiful, worshipful wedding and I had such a refreshing weekend with the sweet girls in her wedding party.

I will upload pictures as soon as I get some in my email (ahem, Beth) but for now, I will share with you about THE DRESS. Yes, the famous dress. Well, it had to be let out a bit...surprise, surprise. Ashley Binns & I went to Minden on Friday morning and, while the lady worked on my dress, we used a paper cutter to trim the seamstress's pictures and place them in frames for her mardi Gras ball on Saturday night (that's how we roll in Louisiana...help a sister out.)

Shout-out to Jesus and my praying friends...I was a little concerned about the flight home since I was going to be super-tired from getting in late and leaving the house at 4-something. BUT, Elliot slept the whole time on all 3 flights. Thank you Lord! And thank you for coffee. Amen.

I am proud of myself for not mentioning lactation the entire lingerie shower. Goooo me! (Okay, maybe there was one tiny mention but that was it! And it was only to a small crowd!)

Adam & Henry had a bro's weekend and did lots of fun activities like going swimming (inside, clearly) and visiting the Ackley's and playing Giddyup, Horsey (a new favorite!) I think Adam loved having that sweet one-on-one time for a couple of days and Henry is definitely attached to his hip. Pretty cool.


Gabe said...

Glad you had a great visit,C!

Ann Miller said...

so...you look pretty waifish (sorry i don't know how spell it) in that dress. do you have a tapeworm? i know you have access to an md. what's the secret? and, don't tell me you're running miles on end. if that's the answer, please make something else up!! you look awesome and i'm glad you had fun! just because you left louisiana doesn't mean you can't come back...you're welcome, lora!

lauren said...

you look beautiful!

lindsey said...

Two babies?? You look awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I was in the small group that heard the lactation comment :) It was so good to see you! I love keeping up with you and the crazy boys on the blog! Keep it coming!

-Meg M. Moore

Marylou said...

By the way, I think you look amazing in that dress!!! hot mama!!!