Toddler Moments

My (usually) very sweet toddler on the left

So...I'm trying to figure out this whole discipline thing with a toddler. how to lovingly discipline Henry and how to be consistent. A lot of times, I see specific reasons for Henry's behavior: hungry, tired, frustrated, or trying to get our attention. Like, you aren't paying attention to me, so I just chunked my train across the room. Or when he's trying to accomplish something on his own and isn't able to do it... oh, that autonomy...it can come at a high price to us parents (and a messy price!) I see him watching me, testing me at times to see how I'll respond. For example: No, you can't hit the glass table with a croquet mallet. So then, he'll look at me and go hit something else with it. Can I hit the floor? Sure. What about this? What about that? What about the glass table again? Are you going to stick by your rule?

One thing is for sure: I'm glad I have a partner with whom I can tackle this. Yay Dada! I'll find myself wishing that there was like this one book of the Bible on exact rules for raising kids and developing healthy sleep habits- like, one right way. But that's how them Israelites rolled and they had like 60 kabillion laws and wanted a leader to talk to God for them, not direct relationship. Then I'm glad that there's not this one set way and formula for parenting because it keeps me coming back to the Lord and asking the Holy Spirit for counsel and seeking help and asking Him to fill in the gaps.

The Lord is so good at keeping me at a place of seeing my need for Him and then, in meeting with Him, He satisfies and He is my peace.

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CaseyWiegand said...

your next post just had me laughing outloud...as far as this one, we couldnt be more in the same spot....love you friend