Top 10 Henry Phrases/Words

Henry (or Hee-Hee as he calls himself) is a little jibber-jabber these days. Many times, he's telling me something and I have no idea what he's saying but I'll nod along with his story and interject, "Yes!" every so often.

He manipulates us now by saying snaaaa, snaaaa (snack) in a pathetic, tiny tim voice when he's trying to get out of something (like going to bed).

These are his fav sayings:

10. Choo-choo! Anything choo-choo, truck, caah (car), or jeeee (jeep) is a big, very big deal to my boy.

9. Tee-Tee! Not to be embarrassing, but he is fascinated with both relieving his bladder in the potty and with the anatomy of that particular function. As in, he will whip open the shower curtain on Adam and point and say, "tee-tee!"

He also says I poooo for both pooping and when he toots. It's funny.

Also, BUUUH (burp) has become a big hit. He thinks it's hilarious when he or someone burps. Uh-oh.

8. Yay Mama! I sing a lot. I make up random songs. And everytime I'm done, Henry says, "Yay Mama!" Now, he will hear Adam sing and say, "Yay Mama!" I definitely don't need the encouragement....singing is not my gifting.

7. Go Dada! Go Bubba! Go Hee-Hee! Go Mama! This was derived from dance party. Need I say more?

6. Peeee (pink) & Yey-yo (yellow) the only two colors that he identifies. I think this came from a book we were reading?

5. Cohhhh. As in, baby it's cold outside!

4. Shoo-shee! (Smoothie) He & Adam split blueberry/banana smoothies. It's pretty cute.

3. He loves saying people's names. He looks through picture books of our families and identifies his grandparents (Lulu, Bob, Meemaw & Dude) and other family members & friends. My favorite is Annnnn Beeeeeeeeee, which is Aunt B...a.k.a. Brooke Ackley

2. Paci! This signifies bed time/nap time. When he turned one, we limited his paci use to in his crib so, when he wakes up, we throw his pacis back into his crib. Paci, paci, paci can be heard here around 7 p.m. Also see ny-ny (night-night!)

1. Jee-Us! Jee-Us! The other day, we were driving home and there was a song on that kept saying, "Jesus" and he started saying, Jee-us, Jee-us! It literally brought tears to my eyes- it was the sweetest sound.

honorable mention:
why? (ymca)
animals like key-kah (kitty cat)
ca-ca (cracker...also spanish for, um, poop)
bah (ball...and a sheep's bahhhh)

ish (yes) but most often we hear no, no, no, no.

Also, he calls the vacuum Dada. Adam doesn't like this.


Sky said...

Haha, I love how little kids talk! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

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CaseyWiegand said...

This is too funny!!!! I'm dying to get our boys together!