Memory Monday

First off, happy day- I won Casey Wiegand's blog giveaway and it tickles my heart! Yay, yay.

Second off, this is a picture of the jeep cake from Adam's birthday back in 2006. He loved his jeep, like...loved it. Like, we fought about it sometimes because he liked researching & working on his jeep a lot & I didn't quite get that. Guy thing? Jeep thing? But it was a fun, fun car- you know, cruising around with your hair blowing in the wind. Good times.

But then, our first year here, the snow came. And poor ol' Ruby the Jeep couldn't get up the icy hill to our house. So, we traded it in and that was that. But it was a fun time in life, cruising around in the jeep. Okay, now I have to go stop my child from smearing oatmeal everywhere.

He calls oatmeal, "Elmo." It's pretty funny.

Have a great Monday!


CaseyWiegand said...

yay for winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you :)

Mark and Megan said...

I had read your post a couple days ago and this morning I could've sworn my 22 month old was saying "elmo." I finally figured out he was saying oatmeal. It might have taken me a lot longer to figure this one out if not for your mentioning that H does that.