The Jennings Recede?

the Jennings,
coming soon to a Texas town near you

We are in a flurry of emotions over here. I am so excited to be headed closer to family- to be able to hop into the car and drive a few hours to see my parents or to hope into the car and drive 25 minutes to see Adam's parents (Seriously, they live in a suburb of Ft. Worth)! This is amazing to me- for my kids to grow up near their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins (all in Austin, TX).

I have sad emotions, too. Some of my dearest friends live here in Erie and we have had a really wonderful four years. I can't dwell on those emotions right now, though. I can't even go there- I will really, really miss my girls.

But, alongside the happy news: Fort Worth peeps, thank you for reaching out to us! Lots of alumni from our school (alumnus? alumna?) are in the area and we so appreciate the help and advice and are asking for more! In chapter 20 of Proverbs, it says that when you are making plans, to seek advice. That is us, right now. We are looking for a rental home somewhat near the hospital (10-15 minute drive max). We have some friends in the Keller area but we're thinking that might be a bit far away, especially for Adam's first year doctoring schedule.

Also, do you use the Y? (We love the Y up here.) Does your kid go to a mothers' day out a couple of mornings a week? Church? Parks? THANK YOU for your enthusiasm. We feel cared for & loved and are looking forward to our new adventure in Texas!


Court said...

Well we're in Keller and it is a pretty darn great place to live! But I understand wanting to be close to the hospital district. Yes the Y is big down here b/c we don't have city of fort worth work out facilities. Church wise, Christ Chapel Bible Church is pretty close to the hospital district OR Casey and I go to the Village but that would be about a 40 min. drive for y'all. But it's a pretty amazing church. Excited for y'all :)

Chelsey said...

Hi! You don't know me but I've followed your blog for awhile now and I love it!

First off congrats on JPS in FW!! Exciting! My husband is actually a 4th year at TCOM in FW so I just had to comment on your post :)

Oh where to start :) First off don't live in Keller that drive will be a killer for the husband! I would actually recommend anything around TCOM med school in the 76107 zip which is considered the Arlington Heights area. We live here and its seriously close to everything including JPS- less then 10 mins, the kimball & modern art museum, the children's museum {which is brand new}, botanical gardens, parks, the zoo and they just finished tons of new restaurants and shops down in an area call montgomery plaza/ west 7th street. The homes in the area are super cute! Think young families, older craftsman style homes w/ hardwood floors etc. We rent in this area but if you afford to I would totally recommend buying, the homes are really low right now but the area is growing fast! Also another great area is Forest Park which is around TCU- is super cute but more expensive.

As far as parks Tillery Park is the BEST! I lived in FW for years before I found it! HA! They have a website - you should check it out.

Mothers Day Out Programs- Our daughter Elliot :) who is 2 goes to UCC Week Day School - which is the church affiliated with TCU once a week and we LOVE it. I'm so bummed she wont attend next year. Its an awesome program! Registration for fall is going on right now so you might want to call asap if you like it- they book fast and they always have a wait list. I've also met many moms who's husbands are residents at JPS- so its a good social area as well.

Well good luck! Seriously if you have ANY questions at all feel free to email me! chels.wilson@hotmail.com
My husband and I moved to FW from Seattle years ago and I was SO LOST! So I would love to help in anyway :)

Also have you ever been to Lewisburg, Danville, Bloomsburg area in PA? My husband matched at Geisinger for Radiology and I've of course never been and so I also need help :)

- Chelsey

The Tylers said...

So excited for you!! And although I don't know much about FW, I would imagine that any moms day out programs are having registration right now. Kim Hood Audi lives there. I'm sure there are tons of mdo programs but she could prob help point you in the right direction. Fun!!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited that you all will be joining us in Fort Worth!!!! We also live in Keller, and let me tell you I drive all the way downtown to my hospital everyday and it is tooooo far:) Let us know if there is anything we can do for you all or any questions we can answer! Can't wait to have you in Texas!

The Dillards

The Cochran Fam said...

Hi there! I'm Jennifer, a fellow Baylor alum. I found your blog through Jen Sontag's. We don't live in the Ft. Worth area but we have a friend who started a church there about a year ago. It's called the Commons Church and they are meeting in an elementary school right now. I don't know the area enough to know if it is anywhere near the area where you will be. Check it out online at http://www.commonschurch.org

Good luck to you! And welcome back to the Lone Star State!!!

Joanna said...

I see I got some back up from Arlington Heights above! Ha! I've sent an email to my besties who rent around there to see if any have seen signs up, so will keep you posted. Also, a lot of time, people post things on the TCOM share site, so I'll have Colb check that out. Can't wait to have a fun barbeque and introduce you to peeps- had a friend match in the Family Med program at JPS too

*Our church- Christ Chapel Bible Church (ccbcfamily.org) We LOVE it! It's right off of I-30 & Montgomery (in Arlington Heights- yes we drive 15 min to church) Yes, it's big, but we love going to the 5:00 contemporary service with some awesome worship and have a great small group Bible Study. The Life Stage 2 class has many young couples/families in it. Lots of mission focus and we'd love if you at least wanted to visit with us once or twice! :)

* I work out at 24 hour fitness. They are big around here, and there's one close to our house, and you can go to any of them in the area. There's one with a water park slides, etc. Kids club included. Have 1 friend near Aledo that uses the Y, but I'm not sure whre all they are locate

*Have a good Baylor friend Stephanie K who's hubby is a 3rd year Ortho resident at JPS. She has 2 littles that she sends the a MDO twice a week and I know she loves it. She's also super cost conscious, as we all are right now. Comment on her blog (Bless our Nest on my blogroll and tell her I sent you) I know she'll show you some love! Or I can give you her phone number if you'd like.

*LOTs of parks all over the place, Trinity Trails is great to get your run on, and Powers will love it. Are you getting him back?

Ok, that's all for now. I'll let you know what I hear!

Lora Higginbotham Hammons said...

Hey, Camille, so excited for everyone. I have a very dear friend who lives in Ft. Worth. She lives in Miseltoe Heights. Cute older homes... It has a wonderful elementary school right in the nieghborhood; they call is Sweet Lily B. Not sure of the real name of the school... Lily B. Something Elementary. It is close of many wonderful things. shopping, parks, restaurants. They attend Trinity Episcopal right near the TCU campus. I don't know much else, but if you need anything let me know. My friend Karen has lived there for most of her life and knows a ton of people.

Ashley said...

Hey fellow bearcat! My sis (brandi h.) told me you were looking for some fort worth advice. We've lived here since 2005 and intially moved here for seminary at Southwestern. Let me first commend you guys on choosing fw! It is an amazing city with so much to offer, especially to young families. We have a 17 month old and could spend nearly every weekend doing fun stuff with her that is affordable (or free!!). I do have opinions and advice On schools and neighborhoods, but I won't go into that here. Instead I will pick the topic of mdo/preschool to start. I highly reccommend the early learning center at university baptist church and they have a website if you would like to investigate. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not only a member of Ubc, but I also work at the elc teaching 4 yr olds. It is a small but VERY sweet program. The program is two days a week on tues/thurs from either 9-12 or 9-2. They will also be offering some summer sessions in June and July. All the info is on the website. The director is great! She is a retired Montessori teacher of 30 yrs. I really could go on and on but I will stop here. I do have knowledge of two other programs that I think are good as well...first Presbyterian and university Christian church. Both of these offer more days to attend.
Fort worth has many great little parks but the best one in my opinion is tillery park. We actually had or daughter charlotte's first bday party there.
I don't have much experience with the Y except that I did tour one facility here 4 yrs ago. However, I did tour the LA fitness on 7th street yesterday. My sis in law works there and is trying to get me to come with her. I was very impressed with the amenities on my visit. And can I say that Charlotte was dying to go play in the children's area! But it really did look fun. I don't believe it is very expensive either. Which I found surprising bc it was so nice. ( Side note, my s.i.l is also an avid runner/marathoner/fitness person.)
We truly love fort worth and love introducing it to people. So please feel free to ask any questions. And we have the scoop on places to eat as well!
Ashley Howard Perry

lindsey said...

I am super excited for you guys!! If I could live anywhere, it would probably be Texas. Such a wonderful place! I pray God blesses you and your family in this transition with all kinds of peace and grace. It's gonna be great!!