Monster Milk

Monster Milk...you get it from milking monsters!

Adam went to GNC to get Muscle Milk (protein powder) and ended up buying their new product, Monster Milk. He announced that it had come with a free t-shirt and unrolled the teeny-tiny package to reveal this. Here it is...in all it's glory...the world's best t-shirt:


And, in cuter shirt news...

Henry playin' possum:

Brooke made this onesie, by the by.

Adam had an ophthalmology clinic today and he came home with one eye dilated for the next six hours. (They had to dilate one another's eyes to do exams) I should've taken a picture. He looked freakish...one eye all huge and black and the other blue with a normal sized pupil...but still handsome, of course.


Bethany said...

I thought monster milk had something to do with your breast milk.

Hannah Lee said...

I was kind of thinking monster milk had something to do with engorged breasts! Haha! Thats how I felt for forever! Such a cute little baybay! I could just squeeze 'em!

Lora said...

HOW could that baby have already grown when I JUST LEFT!!!!

Brooke & Freeland said...

so funny. love the tshirt Adam got! And Henry playin possum is toooooo darn cute!

Jeff and Lauren said...

Any chance this Monster Milk stuff will help Adam to lactate too? That would be nice!