Step One

T'was the night before step one
and all through the house
Henry was squalling,
spitting pacifiers out of his mouth.

Adam's khakis were hung by his closet with care
in hopes that super on his exam, he would fare.

Adam was snuggled all warm in his bed
with visions of pathology questions dancing in his head.

The coffee was prepped and the truck had gas
prayers had been said that Adam would kick that test's you-know-what.

Ok, this is getting ridiculous and I only have a few minutes before I need to get Henry's bath stuff ready. Adam is taking step 1 of the boards for medical licensing tomorrow and he has been working his butt off. I am so proud of how committed he's been while also not making me feel neglected. He's a good balancer, that one.

If you get a second tomorrow, please shout out a prayer for him. We are definitely hoping in and trusting in the Lord to see this thing on through, as he has been beyond faithful in every other aspect of medical school. But we sure are excited about celebrating tomorrow night- woohoo! Incidentally, celebrating with a newborn is funny since we still will need to give him a bath and to bed on time and then we will likely pass out at 9:30 p.m.

Adam, I love you and am so proud of you. You're going to kick that test in the junk.


lesli said...

Will definitely "shout out" some prayers for Adam tomorrow!=)

Lora said...

AS we do EVERYDAY, we will pray for you all and especially Adam tomorrow. That God would give him a good night of rest, his mind would be clear and his nerves would be steady as he sits down to answer those questions without hesitation and with the assurance of the knowledge that he so diligently has pursued will be our prayer as we hold him before Our Father.

lindsey said...

Just shouted out a prayer for Adam...excited for your party at "Henry's crib" tonight!

Marylou said...

Geaux Adam!! You will do great!

The Tylers said...

We are definitely thinking about Adam today!!!!

freakface said...

Now wait a second - is that very ladylike? "In the junk"? Watch Daddy Daycare with Junior. While the effect is (only a very little bit) dramatized, having ANYTHING happen to The Junk is paralyzing, whether it involves impact, or infection.

Just sayin'...