Fall down

I love this time of year. The weather's cool and crispy and it reminds me of the newness of the start of school, which is odd since it was probably closer to 95 degrees on the first day of school in Louisiana, but still. New resolutions to keep my trapper keeper organized with perfect holepunched papers neatly divided into subjects, leaves crunching as I walked to the neighbor's house, coming home and spreading out my homework on the kitchen table.

Days like today are meant to be spent slowly, sipped with ease. Days like today should start out in a hoody and jeans at Cafe Cappucino having coffee and an spinach & cheese omelet. They should be spent playing outside with the dog, eating a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup for lunch, curled up with a good novel and a blanket, laughing with good friends and a glass of wine while playing some absurd boardgame late into the night and then sitting outside in the dark with your fleece zipped up to your nose asking 'what if' questions.

Ah, fall.


Lora said...

You outta be a writer! I REMEMBER-I REMEMBER!

kjds said...

just like at recess ... don't forget your coat!

Lindsey said...

i miss those times with you!!