Spent the most fantastic weekend with post-anatomy husband- walking Powers several times, cooking chicken tortilla soup and eating it in front of the fire place, we even got to go to the grocery store together which is something that was a weekend tradition pre-med school.

Thought: There is something terribly wrong with going to the gym on rainy days.

Fact: I went on my first run, post achilles injury today. It was 1 mile but felt good! I am taking it easy so as to not re-injure.

Question: What would you do on a guilt-free day to yourself?


Lora said...

What's the question?

Ron said...

1. Wake up, shower, and then eat at the Eat 'N Park breakfast buffett.

2. Play Final Fantasy Tactics to my heart's content (or until I throw the controller at the screen after losing the umpteenth time).

3. Eat a delicious meatball sub from Barbatos for lunch.

4. Nap

5. Work out at the Y (Hey, gotta work off that sub somehow!)

6. Make my famous spaghetti for dinner

7. Relax in my recliner with the cat on my lap, who hopefully won't claw me when he decides to jump up and attack random shiny objects.

Rachael said...

1. Sleep in until 9:30 or so

2. Head to Molly's for a breakfast burrito (Aaron and I LOVE Molly's)

3. Take the dogs for a hike in Cameron Park

4. Come home and take a nap while Aaron watches some college football

5. Take a long shower

6. Go on a HOT date with my wonderful husband..something classic like dinner and a movie or maybe dinner and some Barnes and Noble

Anonymous said...

1. wake up in time for first chair

2. ski (getting first tracks, of course)

3. ski

4. ski

5. take a hot shower

6. sleep