Scary Moments

You swore it would never happen. You said, "When I grow up, I will do things differently!" You criticized their clothes, words, choices, politics, and food all while making mental notes to "Show them!" And then one day, you find yourself changed. Maybe its a rushed phrase you uttered, maybe its a picture you see, maybe its a comparison someone else draws. Regardless of how it comes about, the horrifying truth is set free. You see that you are becoming your mom and/or dad.

I think I've always known that I was a lot like my dad. We are loud, enjoy making songs out of any word/task/concept that anyone utters or does. My mom always said "You and your daddy..." as in "You and your daddy are on my last nerve..." We snacked the same way and joked the same way. But my "Oh, I'm becoming my mother!" moments came after I was at Baylor. I would catch myself grocery shopping like her, muttering the same phrases that I had hear from her mouth, relating to women in a way that I had seen my mother do, putting on lotion the same way, and even having similar thoughts on money and home decorating. I was becoming more like my mother and father every day!

However, once the shock wears off, you might start to like it. You MAY even look to your mom and dad's example to follow (gasp!)
I'm not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way, I realized how fantastic my parents are, how truly blessed I am. I am fortunate to have two still-married parents who love the Lord and love us well; as well as a mother-in-law and a father-in-law who support us and are always kind and loving (By the way, I'm happy to report that Adam is becoming more like THEM as well!). Maybe its growing up that makes you realize the sacrifices your mom and dad made. Maybe once you realize the value of a dollar, you can see how giving they are. Maybe its moving out, heading to school that makes you appreciate the constant encouragement and unconditional love that they give. Either way, I'm proud to find myself "turning into" my mom and dad.


Lora said...

Such a sweet daughter! Hopefully you will inherit only the good!

Lora said...

A chip off the old block is a wonderful tribute to the parent. Hope you get only the "good stuff". Love you. Dad