The parents came to visit this weekend and it was fantastic! They were our 2nd guests to stay at Casa de Jennings bed & breakfast. Its so nice to have them here and my mom aka "coach" aka "the boss-woman" aka "wonderwoman" and i went on a run at the park saturday morning. My calf acted up again and so after 4 1/2 miles, I had to walk 4 1/2 miles back. I was supposed to run 15 miles! So, I'm in the pool again this week and then next week I'm going to go for 15 again.

Saturday, after the park, we went to North East to Mazzo winery. May I recommend the "Country Red" - not too shabby & a good table wine.

On the drive out to North East, we passed acres and acres of vineyards. And then, we went to a farmer's market where mom had us picking up pumpkins to make our porch more fall-y.

That night, we enjoyed our new purchases and grilled steak outside. It was a little sad, I talk to mom & dad about how cool it is here, how nice the temperature is. So, obviously, as soon as they board the plane to Erie, the temperature rises to 80 degrees. Oh, well. Still a little cooler than the bayou.

And, of course, what Conville visit would be complete without a little manual labor? The boss put us to work but the yard definitely looks much better!

Overall, it was fantastic to have the most generous, gracious, loving parents stay with us this weekend. We are blessed!


Brooke & Freeland said...

A. Hows the calf?? Im so sorry!!!
B. SOOOO fun. We love your parents - they should come when we come so we can all hang out at the jennings B&B!! Oh and the boys could do lots of manual labor!
C. Super jealous of your winery
D. Love the pumpkins!

kjds said...

I think I would love your parents!! They look like such fun times! I am so glad you guys got to show them around and have them help out. I know they must have loved it!!

Ohhhhh! Wineries! We love those! There are some here ... come visit! :)