nothing says celebrate like sushi...

Adam finished his big exam today and so, obviously, it is completely necessary for us to eat large quantities of rice and fish. Our pals, Bethany & Josh joined us to celebrate being young, married, and medicalish spouses.

On a frustrating note, I have hurt my calf somehow. It appears to be achilles tendonitus but it is not good for marathon training. So, I'm icing and stretching and trying to recooperate so that I can run my little heart out and finish my 26.2 on December 9th. I would be so sad if, after all this training and planning, something got hurt and I couldn't run. That would be depressing. However, nothings as sad as the time my mom trained for a marathon and then the week before had her gallbladder go boom and had to have surgery and miss the marathon! Ah, I'll be fine and will survive. As my mother said while I was growing up, "Take two ibuprofen and push through it."
That was her motto for any ailment.

Speaking of, the parent units will be in town Friday evening! Adam and I are so excited to have them here to visit and show Erie and all its glory. I think we may go to North East to see the vineyard country. Thank you and goodbye.


Lora said...

Mixed stories. 2 times after training missed a marathon. Once completely finished the training & Mammaw got sick the day before I left. The next-the gall bladder was actually at the same stage you are- didn't have to do the REALLY long runs- which is a good thing.

Hoping for cool weather after these 90 degree days when in Erie!

Cynthia said...

Mmmmm...sushi! Hope the calf is getting better. You and your mom are troopers. If I felt any pain due to running, it would be a good excuse for me to lay up on the couch and watch movies:) Have fun this weekend!